Monday, February 25, 2008

Blooie's Roadhouse Bar & Grill @ Science Park II

You know it's not a good day at work when your phone rings non stop, so many emails from helpdesk gets escalated up to you. Usually it stays at helpdesk. It was just fixing this and that. Horrible. (yes, it's Monday too.)

But... we are not going to let some pesky things at work prevent us from what we planned last week. Today's a colleague's birthday. We are all going out to eat! We have been having too much cheapo food and rushed meals too.

The birthday boy got out of meeting at nearly 12 noon, and off we went. We planned to go to HV, somehow we all ended up at Blooie's Roadhouse Bar and Grill at Science Park II.

OK. The food we had. This was the Nachos starter that was quite yummy. (anything was will good to hungry people) $12.80

We were so hungry and this was what was left. Surprised that no one licked the plate? haha...

We had 7 of us today, so we also ordered another starter. It's a Sausage Salad. 3 different kind of delicious sausages. We like the middle one best. $16

See, I only get 10 seconds to take photos, see how fast the knife and fork is!
I have to always take picture like a paparazzi.

The rest of what we ate? Tomorrow lah. Had a tiring day. We had to fix more stuff when we came back from lunch. The phone was blinking with missed calls. Anyway, lunch was a good temporary break!

Happy Birthday Mr Lai!

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Anonymous said...

Oh I would die for those sausages! Yummilicious! Nothing like greasy, grilled meats. It's the Caveman in me, see? Lol.

Unknown said...

Kenny the Caveman Mah!

I like meat too! Lots of it.

KopiKosongGirl said...

Its interesting to see vingered green chilli on the Nachos starter. Did it go?

Camemberu said...

I think those should be sliced jalapeno peppers, not vinegared green chili.

But man, I'm salivating at the pics of nachos and sausages! I think there's a Blooie's near me too!

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