Friday, February 29, 2008

Egg Tarts from Fancy Delight

You think only old foggies eat egg tarts? Not so. We the younger generation also like the good old fashion egg tarts. Introducing a twist to it doesn't sound that bad, in fact it adds some variety to our stale conveyor belt lifestyle.

A colleague bought us a box of egg tarts for tea. They are from Fancy Delight. A sharp colleague said hey that was shown on Makan Sutra Raw. Now, that caught out attention a bit.

Usually egg tarts do not look like these ya? These looks special! Looks like 'kueh pai tee' cups, but a bigger version of it.

How shall we put it? The pastry is not the usual flaky pastry, but it taste like the crust of delicious cheesecakes. Does that describe it well?

This is the portuguese egg tarts.

Cut them into half and let you see the inside.

This is the orange chocolate tarts.

We cut them into halves, so we can share (also the calories).
The tarts were all nice and warm, and the melting chocolate makes us melt too!

This is the pepper chicken. A colleague describe it as savoury custard, something like quiche.

Well, that was our short entertainment break today. Thanks to Mr Lai for buying us our snack.
You can buy them at Fancy Delight at the address below.

Have a good weekend!

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tigerfish said...

Hahhaa....i was also thinking they use kueh pie tee molds! I think I prefer the traditionally-shaped egg tarts...

Anonymous said...

I. Want. These. Now.

They so should open a branch in Malaysia. At The Curve, even. So I have immediate access to them... *drools some more*

Ming the Merciless said...

Those custard pies look delicious!! Yummy!

Eileen. 静 said...

its nice! i tried.. love the pepper chicken one:)

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