Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Blooie's Roadhouse Bar & Grill @ Science Park II (Main Course Pix)

Sorry to keep you waiting. Here's Part II. Today's a busy day too at work.

Colleague's Beef Burger. Looks absolutely delicious! $18

Another colleague's baked chicken pasta. (which happen to be the set meal of the day, which came with clam chowder, which we all think errr...) $18

This is Cheese Burger. Our boss' lunch. Yup, he joined us for lunch. $12

Another colleague's Cajun Chicken. $16

This is my rack of ribs. hehe. I seem to be always eating ribs eh? It's called BBQ Ribs A Nice Rack. (the even bigger version is called a Great Rack) $15.80

Oh yes, the other side of it, which had the mash and vegetables. Do you find it interesting that they serve xiaobaicai instead of the other normally expected veggies? I think I like xiaobaicai better! Yes, most of the main courses had the mash and veg. (or variants of potato, eg wedges)

The birthday boy had fish. I remember the name, it was called Blackened Dory. $18 haha..

I think I have one dish missing. I think it was the Cajun Chicken Burger. Hmmm how did I miss it? Must be too hungry. :-)

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backStreetGluttons said...

you must surely be the epitome of modern fine city eating , probably put some of the other countrybum/city wannabes back to the pasteurland ( no, not the pockets )

Anonymous said...

would it be alright if u put the prices of the food items featured too? thanks :)

Unknown said...

team bsg,

your england sounds so 'deep'. haha...

prices put in as requested. i had to ask colleague for the receipt. haha.. updated for previous day's post too.

tigerfish said...

I usually don't order fish in a bar and grill like this coz I still think their "meat" dishes such as burgers or ribs would be better. The pasta dishes in Blooie also not bad but it's the American style pasta where the pasta is not cooked al- dente. Well, if you like it. :P

Anonymous said...

Your colleagues's beef burger looks absolutely delicious! Hope that the taste was great too :) Your presentation of the ribs looks like this other place ;) Until you turn to the other side. hahahaa.

teckiee said...

im having the flu, running nose and blocked nose (dont ask me how i can have 2 noses at onces.. i dont know either) ...but that still didnt prevent me from smelling your ribs... slurp

Anonymous said...

Burgers. Meat. Meat. Drools...

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