Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Shokudo Japanese Food Bazaar @ Raffles City Shopping Centre (Part 2)

First of all, today's the 7th day in the Lunar calendar, and it's known as Ren Re, meaning man's birthday in the Lunar Calendar. So, wishing all Chinese a Happy Birthday!


Continuation from yesterday's post. These photos are what we ate at Shokudo as well.

This was ramen soup that another colleague had.

This might be the most delicious looking! Such a huge chicken burger with a sunny side up that is soft in the middle!

Another colleague had some appetizer too.

This was bought by another colleague to share around. Paper thin pizza. We all liked it.

Shishamo. Another colleague's lunch, but we all 'pinched it' anyway. haha..

The same colleague queued up super super long time for these skewers.
The pork on the left was tasty. The asparagus is nice, but the bacon seems to be a bit unsalted. Hmm. wonder we wonder why everything that everyone ate was a bit heavy handed on salt, but this asparagus is a bit bland. LOL..

We saw many people queue for this fried rice. So colleague queued to try it out. LOL.
No, he did not finish it. Wonder why?...

After all the food, we wanted to try the desserts too.
This is the Mochi with Hokkaido sweet corn and red beans.
Below the topping is very very fine ice shavings. Quite nice.

Colleague saw what I bought above to share, decided to grab more. So he went for the same thing except that he took the ice cream instead of the sweet corn.

We still wanted to put things in our mouth and another colleague ordered this japanese version of mango ice kacang. Those long things are no taste jelly, but it goes well with the sweet mango syrup and mango pieces.

Lots more food to try, maybe next time.
This place is located at the Basement 1 of Raffles City Shopping Centre.

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tigerfish said...

So much food to try. Think I need to try again next time when I am bac in Sg. Hopefully, it stays open for business till then. :P

red fir said...

hi keropok man. can u do a breakdown of the prices?

was there that day but was refused entry to just go in and 'look look'. :p

alicesg said...

Very yummy. It is alway fun to eat in a group.

Unknown said...

tigerfish, take budget flights back more often lah. I think jetstar flies to where you are right?

we all paid individually for different food. For my receipt it says:
Pork Katsu Curry 7.80
Japanese Red Bean & Mochi 4.80
10% Svc Chg 1.26
7% GST 0.97
Total 14.83

yes its always fun to eat in big groups. :-)

carolyn said...

I was there on Feb 12 too, but for dinner. It was fairly empty and no queue when we got there at 645pm, but the line was long when we left around 8pm.

I like the homemade cheesecake. That was really nice :)

The pic of the burger looked good!

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