Friday, February 01, 2008

Eating Lim Chee Guan Bak Kwa in the Office.

I think you can tell that the office people have not been very enthusiastic going around to new places to eat. Food has been flowing into the office and everyone wants to watch their diet! haha..

This is one of the many packets of Bak Kwa that has been landing into our offices. Thanks to vendors. LOL.

Let's showcase one. No, not related to them at all, only maybe our surname is the same. LOL.

One man's meat is another man's poison. Some in the office only swear by this brand, others look at it, and said, this brand, no thanks. For 50% of us, in the office, we just eat lah....

The Bak Kwa with the airplane logo comes in a bag like this.

Inside is a sealed bag that looks like this.

The back of the packet. It says unique to Singapore? I dont think so....

Will it last 10 days? This packet only has 2 slices left the next day.

When you open the sealed pack, a white package appears.

Here it is. One of the better known brand of Bak Kwa in Singapore.

Are you all also snacking new year goodies in the office? :-)

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red fir said...

hey have u tried Kim Hock Guan @ hong lim? this one is much better. cheaper, plus they are not raising the price!

and they dun use minced meat one...

carolyn said...

I didn't know Lim Chee Guan does seal the bak kwa. The lady told me they don't do it when I was looking to buy bak kwa to "smuggle" back to Canada :p

Unknown said...

i can't really remember the brands. LOL. it's usually people who buy and give it to us.

i think they seal. i have brought it to UK a few times for my aunt. LOL

teckiee said...

aiyak.. as much as i like eating bak kwa.. cant bring to the office cos its no halal

Jun said...

seriously, is lim chee guan bak kwa REALLY that nice? i see ppl lining up for it like they dun have to go to work liddat... -___-

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