Friday, February 15, 2008

Desserts @ Haagen Dazs, Holland Village

Today we had lunch at Holland Village, lunch errr was not really worth posting up. But we did stop over for some ice cream on the way back to the office.

We have not stepped in here for so long, always choosing to go to Coffee Club instead. The menu has changed quite a bit. (How ah pek and ah soh we have become).

Talking about ah pek and ah soh, we initially wanted to go to Cold Rock just opposite, but the moment we went in, it was super noisy rock music that was blasting at the top volume. We thought we did not want to shout to listen to ourselves, so we walked out. haha... The oldest colleague said, he felt so out of place, so glad that we walked out.

We had 5 of us. 3 just wanted some ice cream, 2 other wanted drinks.
So this is what the 3 (+2 haha) of us shared.

We were thinking of the fondue, but thought it might be too much.
This was the flowery looking ice cream that had 6 scoops. (it's 6 mini scoops that we found out later)

But it does look pretty eh? That's mango puree below. Is it still Valentine's Day? LOL..
The 6 flavours we chose was also yummy.

A photo of it before it was totally gone. Yes, the waffle used as the bowl was also eaten.

One colleague had an interesting coffee. Maybe will post it tomorrow then.
We were wondering, what happened to the flavours Baileys Irish Cream. How come they don't have that in the menu anymore. Hmmm

All of us concluded that we all liked Plain Old Vanilla best! What is your favourite ice cream flavour?

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red fir said...

strawberry anytime.

they used to have this peach yogurt and raspberry vanilla swirl like 10 years back and those were the best.

Anonymous said...

i used to work in HV haagen dazs before..
my colleagues n i were asked to head down to their basement to transfer expired single cup vanilla ice cream into the big tub to sell it again..

of coz this dun happen everytime..
i'm not sure if its still safe to eat but nothing has happened yet..But still, why pay so much for expired ice cream?

Unknown said...

you sure or not?

red fir said...

hey keropok man. actually i worked in the HD before @cine long time ago. hear this & u won't dare to ever eat @ HD again. >.<

once there was a very difficult female customer that we young servers couldn't handle. when she sent her wrong order of sundae creation back to the kitchen for replacement, Mr Manager himself deliberately dropped the new scoop of icecream (for the new sundae) on the floor, then scooped it up again to put it in the new creation. REVENGE for making all our lives difficult.

can u say DIRTY?

actually these nasty actions happen all the time behind the kitchens. customers just duno wad they are putting in their mouths.

whoops. i should have named myself Anon. =P

Unknown said...


Think not only at HD, I think many places too. Heard too much stories of them.

So, I shall continue to be nice to people who serve us food. Treating them nicely, they treat us back nicely too ;-)

Anonymous said...


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