Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super Snacks @ PGP Residences, NUS

Colleagues and I, we were a bit adventurous one day, and decide to roam around the PGP Residences after lunch.

Ah, we saw this eye catching sign, and it magnetically suck us near to it. We were peering into the windows. You know those one way mirror kind of thing, it was brighter outside, so we can't really see inside.

It was drizzling too, so 'ok lah, let's go in' mood kicked in. It's a very cosy place. Soft music, soft lighting, it's air conditioned and it smells of waffles!

We ordered one to share. See the machine that is flipped up, that was where our waffles were coming from in a while.

Not too bad, the waffles was good, but we think the ice cream is not creamy enough. hehe.. Or maybe its the flavour that we chose. (choc chip cookies)

Quite affordable. I can't really remember the price but it was less than a green note. ;-) Will update it when I find the receipt. Update: Plain Waffle was $1.20, the ice cream is $1.

Nice play to 'chit chat'.

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