Sunday, February 17, 2008

Cheese Cake

Few days ago, around 30 over of us threw little birthday party to a friend. You know some people are really sharp kind. They can detect any hint of conspiracy amongst friends. LOL.

But with people nowadays who are certified project managers, crisis managers (+ all kinds of courses are going through), some good planning and the use of technology, everything worked out so well! haha.. Ms Tan was totally surprised.

Some cake photos.

How do you distribute cake to 30 over people? Cut it this way! It's the easiest to distribute.
(We have a Professor whose research area is computational geometry amongst us. LOL.)

The cake was quite good. Though I am not sure which shop it came from :-p

Happy Birthday Ms Tan. It's wonderful to know that you are pleasantly surprised. :-)

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Camemberu said...

Ah this must be the cause of the celebration at Hanabi Odeon Tower! :D You gonna blog about that too?

Anonymous said...

Oh manz the cheesecake looks good!

Is it cheesy? And is it packed with strawberries? Is it possible if you could please help to find out the place where it was bought? I'm already thinking of ordering that for my friend's birthday, thanks!

Unknown said...

hmmm maybe. LOL. can't decide what to put up everyday. hehe

just asked a friend who was there, it's from Angie The Choice.

Anonymous said...

Now the cake looks like its with a piece of beetroot inside :P

Ming the Merciless said...

Hmmm...the cheesecake looks more cakey than cheesey. :-)

Unknown said...

ya lor! hahaha... did u try it that nite?

ok lah.. it was quite tasty actually. of course we can't compare it with cheesecakes in NY!

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