Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

Ever wondered what Good Friday is all about?

I had a colleague asked me just a few days ago what is Good Friday and Easter about. Is it about chocolate bunnies and easter eggs? Have you bought your chocolates? she asked.

No, it isn't. It is about Jesus Christ being crucified on the cross on Good Friday and on Easter Sunday, he resurrected. How is it possible you ask?

There are many people you can ask. Your Christian friends might be able to answer you. You can also decide to walk into a church this weekend.

If you think attending church is something that you are not ready at the moment, maybe you want to consider attending Bible Study groups that helps you understand the Bible that Christians believe is the Word of God.

I am part of this group call Bible Study Fellowship. It is an international group of people who meet together to find out more about God. If you are interested, you can join one group that is nearer to where you live. You can visit to search for the class nearest to you.

Have a Good Friday.

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