Friday, March 07, 2008

Tung Lok Seafood @ East Coast Parkway (Part II)

Sorry for the late post, backdating it. (hehe..)

Are you a fan or lor pok gao? Well, I did not get to eat it! Hmmm it's ok, we were too busy eating so many other things! The lazy susan does get to rotate a full round, and the food's gone. So, each half the table only eats the food in front of them! haha...

This I got to try. It was at my side of the table.
Looks a tiny bit oily, but it was very crispy! Imagine the super crispy bite now, "kounk kounk" at then the warm moist filling in your mouth. It was quite divine! haha... We ordered a few more plates of it, after the crackling sound made the other side of the table so tempted! LOL.

This is another of the crispy stuff. Nice and crispy on the outside, moist and juice prawns inside!

This was the 2nd round ordering, after all the food was gone. We wondered if we tasted all 20 over of the dishes. Then suddenly someone said he liked the sambal sotong. Then our side of the table asked, what sambal sotong? We totally missed it over this side, so we placed order for 3 plates. LOL. We did not regret putting these just nice, not rubbery sotong in our mouth.

Our second order of 'fried calamari'. This is very addictive! Super! After deep frying, the added the addictive spicy stuff over it! haha...

The first round of these dumplings had people at the other side of the 12 person table, so this side of the table also wanted to try it.

Some like the prawn paste chicken wings, so more was ordered. It taste quite nice with the sweetish chilli sauce that came with it.

I ate lots of these! Steam Pork Ribs. It did not have much 'bones' for the 'ribs' haha... But it was quite nice. I have this bad habit of liking to drink up the so called soup. :-O

Yes, there are vegetables, we had a few orders of the sambal kangkung and also the other vegetable that I suddenly forgot! Getting your tongue spiced up always makes us happy!

We ordered all the desserts on the menu to share too.
We had guilin gao, ice cream puffs and this is the 'tang yuan'. This tangyuan is the dry version with peanut powder. It's actually quite nice! A colleague had like 6 of them!

Let me end this makan trip with a sweet ending.
Red Bean Soup. No, we did not sell our birthright for this bowl of soup. :-)

Yesterday's post had someone asking how much it costed the boss?
We has 12 person and the total bill was $300 with $2 change. :-P

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Camemberu said...

Waah, got to eat so much!!! I did not get to try a lot of the dim sum when I went.

mama bok said...

Wah..! a tat ex.. $25/pax for dim sum.

Carine said...

"Oh!!! Sambal Kangkung!!! My favourite!!!!"

Anonymous said...

hihi.. did you guys had Ala Carte Dim Sum Buffet or Ala Carte Seafood & Dim Sum Buffet?

very interested in it after seeing your photos! hehe..

Keropok Man said...

lots of pple means get to order everything, (YES EVERYTHING) on the menu. haha... we are gluttons aren't we?

mama bok,
boss treat one. LOL. we were being thoughtful not to 'kok' him with more expensive places. haha...

everyone loves kangkong right? hmmm maybe i shall have that for dinner tonite too.

actually, i am not sure. we went on a weekday and we told them we wanted the buffet. I think it's the Ala Carte Dim Sum. Colleague did all the arrangement for us.

Anonymous said...

this is my all-time favorite to have informal office makan event.

the spread is quite extensive, ranging from sweet to savory.

quality of food is good.

It seems that there is a cheaper version at Tunglok seafood arena, around $16.80++. Gonna try soon!

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