Saturday, March 01, 2008

Ichiban Sushi @ IMM

Remember I mentioned that we have a colleague now to help us plan where we should go for lunch? "Mdm Preggie" was craving for Jap food, so we took a ride to Ichiban Sushi @ IMM.

The 7 of us had lots of food, here's only 5 photos. I think you all have seen and can guess what we ate. haha..

One of the first few plates of the 'share' food that we had. Unagi Sandwich. It's quite interesting and tasty!

I think a colleague ate this previously and a photo was also posted. But this time, another colleague asked if he could have salmon belly. They did give it to him! He was enjoying it. LOL.

We ate so much, but we still had some desserts anyway. I would say I prefer the desserts at the other Jap restaurant 1 floor down. haha...

But a man's food is another man's poison. Some of us like it, some did not.

Now, this was something different. Tempura Ice Cream. Yes it was deep fried ice cream.

Crispy outside, soft inside. For me personally, I think I prefer normal ice cream. The texture reminds me and another colleague of Pisang Goreng. But that colleague like the tempura so much!

Hope you had a great start to March!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ice-cream's never been deep-fried in such a enticing manner before... *drools*

(Methinks I have dessert withdrawal... Had THREE dinners yesterday but no dessert!)

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