Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Steamboat @ Home

Last Wednesday, our Care Group decided to have a fun nite. We decided to have Steamboat and Wii Games Night.

So after work, two persons (me included) met at Holland Village Cold Storage to get the ingredients for the steamboat. We quickly bought the things we needed and head back home to prepare the food. It's quite simple. We just need to wash and cut up the vegetables, prepare the sotong, marinate the chicken and rinse everything else and we are ready to go!

Nearly forgot to take photo, so when we threw everything in, quickly snap a few photos.
We don't really like to eat lots of balls kind of steamboat, so we only had minimal balls, only 1 small pack of sotong ball, and 1 small pack of pork balls.

We threw the baby corn in, some beijing cabbage, and an assortment of mushrooms in.

You wont see any other cooked food, coz after taking these photos, we were all busy cooking, waiting, chatting, laughing and eating. It's always fun right?

It's kind of silly, but whenever we have steamboat we like the food hot, yet we can't stand the heat so we turn on the air conditioning so that we wont sweat. haha..

Anyway, we bought these thinly sliced pork too. They are excellent. Quick to cook and tasty.

We also had beef. We also have this Japanese Beef dipping that goes very well with the beef.

We had 7 people so we bought only 14 prawns! It seems we are all not very big fans of prawns.

This is the chicken thigh meat that we cut up and marinated. They are delicious after cooking.

Had 3 sotong. I love cleaning sotong! haha... I love to rip out the outer skin layer of the sotong. But I realise that I cut it the wrong way! I should have but it in big slices and had the x x x pattern, but we were too busy talking, we forgot!

We had these CP brand prawn wontons as well. These are really good! You have watched the TV adverts before right? They are really quite nice. haha...

We had a good laugh at this veg. One 'Dr' friend said he loved Tang Oh, so he put 3 big bags of this in the trolley. So when we got home, he volunteered to clean them. Yes, he cleaned them well as if he was going into the operating theatre. But we saw that he left all the 'main stem' on! So, you can see the whole plant inside the soup when we put them in. He said he likes them like that. Hmmm we wonder if it is so, or he forgot! (we think he does not do any of these things at home)

Ever since watching "da chang jin", we know cabbage is nutritious! haha... Like this veg really soft. Do you?

This is some 'archar'. Love it! Our 14 chopsticks just pick it up so quickly when we are waiting for the water to boil and cook our food.

Oh yes, the soup base is one pack of the Lee Kum Kee hotpot packs. 1 pack is more than enough! You can easily replicate it at home. We used a induction cooker and a thick base, wide but shallow pot. We also had a bottle of Thai Tomyam paste, those who wanted it spicy, just add it in. For carbo, we had a few packs of Udon. It goes well with the tomyam paste and the very rich soup half way through.

After dinner, we played Wii all the way..........

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mama bok said...

It's awesome to be able to buy all these ingredients back home.

Shi Ting said...

my saliva was drool when i looked at the photo... yummy yummy...

btw how can you upload photo with larger size??? my photo always show small although i using the large option....

Anonymous said...

So fresh looking them ingredients... I can smell the steam wafting from the stock already... Yummmmmeeee...

team bsg said...

must say yours is the most clean looking & visually appealing streamboat we have seen in a while
...and not so bally also

tigerfish said...

CP brand prawn wontons ...never heard before leh?! Taiwan has many steamboat choices - come in big groups lah!

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