Thursday, March 06, 2008

Tung Lok Seafood @ East Coast Parkway

Today, the boss treated us lunch. What's the occasion? It was to welcome a new colleague that joined us last week. Since the boss was treating, we were 'tasked' to choose a few places to go.

Do we want to 'ketuk' him? haha.. We remembered we had him treat us lunch at Club Chinois when he got a Public Service Award some years ago. haha.. That cost him a bomb! (ey, you all don't say eee..., these people, take advantage only... don't tell me it did not cross your mind if your boss is treating you all. haha.. )

Anyway, we were kind and chose a reasonably priced place. We wanted to have Dim Sum Buffet. So, a colleague made the arrangements and book a table for 12 @ Tung Lok Seafood at East Coast Parkway.

Here's what we ate.

Brain food! Walnuts always taste good right? Toasted, coated with caramel and sesame seeds. How can some high in anti oxidant taste so good? LOL...

OK. Since we had so many of us, we practically ordered everything in the menu! The first thing that arrived on our tables were the Century Egg Porridge. We love porridge. Nice warm porridge warmed our hearts and also appetite.

Next came a few plates of Chee Cheong Fun. We had the succulent prawns version and the fragrant char siu version. Which is your favourite?

Such beauties aren't they? Hand crafted, almost translucent skin, freshly steamed, whole prawns just waiting for your mouth to savour it.

When was the last time you had braised duck wings? For many of us, too long ago. Soft and tender soy sauce chicken, roasted char siew and roast duck. We loved it, and had a second order later.

If you have been following our food diary, you know these bunch of nut cases loves chicken feet, or shall we put it in a more gourmet term, Steamed Phoenix Claws. Guess how many steamers of phoenix claws we had? We counted, 14! Hey, the collagen will you flawless attractive skin ok? If they could speak, they will tell you, 'don't look me no up'.

If you saw the egg tarts a few days ago and thought hey, I want it the way it should be. They have it here. Mini versions, or bite size as it is the term people use nowadays. One bite is definitely not enough.

This was mid way... interested in more photos of the food we had?

It's always fun to go eat in big groups, you get to taste a bit of everything.
More photos tomorrow....

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Chocolate Reindeer said...

hi hi how much is the dim sum buffet and do they have it on weekends?

tigerfish said...

Wooo...long time since I have braised duck wings.....*craving*

mama bok said...

So what was the damage to the boss..??

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