Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Nibbles @ Bukit Timah Food Centre

Weekend nibbles at Bukit Timah Food Centre. Some things that we eat not because we are hungry, but 'mouth itchy' want to eat something kind of food. They are all quite tasty. All eaten at Bukit Timah Food Centre.

Chwee Kueh.
I like chai por a lot! Their chai por is a mix of sweet and salty taste. Very nice!

Popiah and Kueh Paiti.
Kueh Paiti always reminds me of mum's 2nd sister. she always makes the shells for us :-)

Rojak. I like the 'you tiao' the most. :-)

Do you all like to nibble on food like these? :-)

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mama bok said...

All my favourite..!

tigerfish said...

Me also like you tiow the most. When I was younger, I would get just you tiow and cucumber in my rojak!

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