Saturday, March 29, 2008

CA California @ Dempsey Hill

Last Sunday, after having lunch, uncle was driving us home when he took the Holland Rd route. Suddenly he decided to turn into Dempsey Road, since it was early. While driving up the road, a little sign with the word "Ben & Jerry" on the roadside caught our cousin's eye.

OK, now we have a purpose!. Look for ice cream! It took us some time, because we had a wrong turn and ended up back at Holland Road. We found the place eventually at 8 Dempsey Rd, #01-14.

If you are wondering the title is CA California, but this following photo shows Ben & Jerry. Well, it's the same place. Ice Cream is ordered at the counter for Ben & Jerry. Other food you order while seated at the table and its by CA California.

The old army barracks has been transformed to look like a range! There are those big and over sized chairs. It kind of remind me of this character in Sesame Street that reads story on a big over sized chair. Hmmm anyone remembers?

Since we already had lunch, we ordered desserts to share. Wondering what to order, we were recommended their specials. (by the boss I think)

This is the CA Hot Fudge Mud Pie $4.50. Sis says that it looks like a little coffin. I wonder if it's suppose to mean death by chocolate? It is really nice.

We were also recommended this Zen Apple Mousse. You get apple chunks/cubes inside the soft cake thingy. It's cold and the tiny hint of green apple sourness makes it such a delight!

Uncle and aunt saw "Happy Hotdog" $7 on the menu, and they ordered it. Hmm wonder if the name has any significance to them. They seem to smile at each other and ordered it. *speculating* haha...

Though we had our lunch, the above is definitely not enough for us right? Find out more tomorrow! hehe...

(pardon the grainy photos today, the place was a bit dark)

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PRIMA said...

Hi there. Chanced upon ur blog upon searching for CA California. Thinking of trying it this weekend. WOuld like to ask ur opinion on the price. Are they price friendly enough to the pocket? hehehe

BTW, great food blog! Certainly would drop in here and then! :)

Keropok Man said...

Hi Prima

Sometimes, price for the food includes the ambiance of the place :-)

It's different from the other Ben n Jerry shops and it's quite cosy. The desserts we tried the other day was quite nice and really pretty.

PRIMA said...

Hi! Thanks again :) I'll be sure to visit it :D

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