Friday, March 28, 2008

The Sandwich Shop @ Robinson Centre

Today's the last day that I am spending my 9-5 at the Robinson Road area. So for lunch today, colleague and I decided that we should try sandwiches around this area. We have been tempted by the few sandwich shops around.

In the end we decided that we would stay on this side of the road. We saw one opposite the road and decided we are not chickens and we are not crossing the road. LOL

Ok ok... it is actually this is the poster outside their shop that was tempting me! Walking past it for the last few days, today our legs brought us in.
(Address is 61 Robinson Rd, Robinson Centre)

When you walk in, you can see the full view of the open concept kitchen. It's as if you can pretend you are still a kid and ask mummy to make one for you in her kitchen. *piak* wake up boy!

OK. Here's my crayfish and rockets sandwich. Comes in a neat box with a little cherry tomato too. You pick them from the big chillers, like those in the supermarket where milk or drinks are sold.

Oh ya, the serving tray had a mini crossword. It has a date on it, but the date seems to be a few days past.

Here's what went into my mouth. Lots of rockets below. I love the taste of rockets.

Colleague had a wrap instead. It's quite filling according to her.

Nice ya? Although its not my lunch, but looking at it, I can imagine the crispy lettuce, juicy tomato and delicious looking meat in my mouth now.

I was suddenly thinking of lunches during uni days in Melbourne.

We also ordered a potato and egg salad and shared. Topping of the sinful bacon bits is enough. We thought of another colleague who loved potato salad. She would love this.

No food's wasted according to their napkins.

Very thankful the 1 week's course is over. It has been attending course in the day time and working from home at night for a week.

Have a good weekend!

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KopiKosongGirl said...

Wow, must go try. Looks like the kind of sandwiches I like. Its packed with stuff! ;)

EJ. said...

Temptings stuff!

Great to know what they done with their leftover stock.

eastcoastlife said...

*piak piak keropokman... bites*
Long time no see!
shilpa is back.... another meal together?

This sandwich is healthy wor...

eastcoastlife said...

*waves to momo*
Long time no see too!

alicesg said...

Those sandwiches looked so delicious. Yummy.

Anonymous said...

imitating pret a manger that once opened beside them.

Anonymous said...

Interesting shop..!

Ming the Merciless said...

The crawfish sandwich actually looks really good. The wrap and potato salad looks like regular supermarket deli stuff.

How much were they? Expensive?

Unknown said...

momo, not too bad lah... u can go try it.

ej, yeah, no wastage here.

ECL! yes yes, should meet up with shilpa and you!

alicesg, it reminds me of sandwiches i used to have in Oz.

anon, but pret a manger no more liao. I think this was here before pret came, but pret left and this is still here. ;-)

mama b, u opening one too? hehe

ming, my sandwich and potato salad cost $10 together.

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