Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sakae Teppanyaki @ Bugis Junction

We were at Bugis Junction today and discovered that the whole place had changed so much! The makan places in this placed have moved around!

We walked past Sakae Teppanyaki and wondering what to eat, uncle led the way in.. haha. Sakae have recently opened quite a few branches around, but the thought of having smelly clothes after always prevented me from going in.

We were pleasantly surprised we did not 'smell' after the lunch was over! The ventilation and suction power of the teppanyaki exhaust is quite good. :-)

Here's one dish that was cooked in front of us - Garlic Rice.
Here's the humble rice.

With a 'indecent' amount of garlic (the more the merrier!), fried with oil and butter.

With eggs too... And the miracle happens in the hands of the teppanyaki chef.
Dash of sake, and various sauces... it is transforming...

Vigorous clanking of the spatula and some somersault of the bottles of sauces when its being poured. It looks promising!

You could see the rice actually jumping around the hot surface!

Here's the end product.

The tiny shrimps was toasted on the hot surface before being placed on top of the rice.
Want some? :-p

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Anonymous said...

Yums..!! awesome..!

alicesg said...

Delicious photo. Yummy.

EJ. said...

Interesting to watch.

Unknown said...

mama bok,
it was quite nice to eat and watch. haha

go and try try too!

it was quite entertaining sitting down and waiting for the food. lol

alwayws wondering if that's my food..

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