Saturday, March 08, 2008

Health Check Day.

Today was the last day that our company's wellness center had this external company come in and conduct a health check thingy.

So, no food photos. Had to fast at least 8 hours before the blood test. (Coincidentally, it was our church's Prayer and Fasting Day too!)

They took 3 tubes of my blood. Now waiting to the report to come back. Wonder how it will turn out!!!

Well, if you are the kepo person, this was what was recorded on the paper that we went from station to station.

Height: 175.5
Weight: 71

Systolic 122
Diastolic 69

Waist 79cm

Snellen's Eye Check
R: 6/5
L: 6/5

Hmm am I disclosing too much personal stuff? LOL...

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keelyn said...

Nice Height!

Camemberu said...

Wah your bp very good!

Yes, you are disclosing a lot of info here! Can calculate your BMI.

Haha, I am just 5cm shorter than you!

Keropok Man said...


haha. thanks ;-)

eating is therapeutic! thats why BP good? LOL

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