Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Mushroom Pot @ OG Orchard

Today, we went to OG. Yes, it's OG the Department Store that we sometimes jokingly say, where Old Girls go. LOL. That's mean ya? I was actually quite surprised that OG has so many things and so many people! The top floor sells lots of Korean and Japanese tidbits! For those who want to make their own kimchi, I see the korean chilli powder sold here!!

Since we were at OG, we just pop by the Mushroom Pot for lunch since it is inside OG.
This is the pack of tissue that has their logo on it. By the way it's not free, you are paying 30 cents for it ok?

The pickles made of my favourite pickled veg! It's not salty, so you have the tendency to eat too much and get your tongue numb! LOL

This is uncle's set. ($13.80) He ordered the Seafood Noodle Set. As the name suggest, you get lots and lots of varieties of mushroom in it!

It comes with these two side dishes. 2 deep fried shitake mushrooms.

Plus a bowl of shredded mushroom salad and a slide of watermelon.

This is aunt's lunch. She ordered the 'pek kueh' or Rice Cake dish. ($10) We realise she always orders this when it's in the menu. It's her dialect dish! :-)

What did I eat? Find out tomorrow.. LOL...

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tigerfish said...

I like your uncle's set :P

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