Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ghee Leong: Traditional Bakery

This is one of the few traditional bakeries in Singapore. They produced the black crusted bread. This shop is located at Whampoa Drive and produce these breads for provision shops and coffee shops.

The shop is called Ghee Leong. Look at their also archaic signboard. Nice eh?

You can see racks and racks of these "chao tar" (burnt) top bread.

Do not judge a bread by its looks! Here is a close view.

Can you imagine eating the crust? No, it's not meant to be eaten!

They are to be sliced off! It looks like these!

They are then sliced and pack into bags. Sorry, I bought the bread but forgot to take photo of it! These will then become the 'kaya toast' that you get in many shops.

In tomorrow's post, I shall post more of the breads :-)
Bread lovers, stay tuned!

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Unknown said...

That is so interesting and fun to read about! I have never seen that practice around the states.

Dsole said...

I'm with Thien, never hear about it!

Anonymous said...

Oh, this is really traditional. I did not know it still exists in Singapore, where most pple take gardenia bread. :D
Yes, I'm a bread lover.

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