Thursday, October 01, 2009

Feng Sheng Hainanese Chicken Rice @ Dover Food Centre

This was lunch with colleagues earlier this week. We had an urge to eat chicken rice out of a sudden, and went over to Dover Food Centre to have them.

We have been having chicken rice from the 'middle stall' this year. Previously we liked the 'corner stall'. Why? The middle stall seems to take better, the service is better and the portions too. Maybe it is situated beside our favourite fruit juice stall at Dover Food Centre. 

Feng Sheng Hainanese Chicken Rice @ Dover Market and Food Centre

We had communal meal. We told them chicken rice for 4 people, mixture of white and roast chicken. So this is it. The really tender chicken.

"White" Chicken

The roast chicken that was quite nice too.

Roast Chicken

A plate of bean sprouts as well.

Bean Sprouts

All eaten with lovely fragrant rice.

The Rice

We think this stall's chicken is nicer because of the sauce that they pour over the chicken. There's a hint of calamansi like taste in the sauce. It give it a hint of sourish taste that makes it so appetizing.

Feng Sheng Hainanese Chicken Rice
Dover Market and Food Centre
Stall 01-133
33 Dover Road
Singapore 130033

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backStreetGluttons said...

people never seem to get tired of this super dish - Chinese sauce , faster than kfc , more fulfilling than Mc and its native rice ( wth !)

Justin Pereira said...

The chicken seems to be very nice and oily. Sedap la!


P.S. I've linked you!

arabesque said...

now i'm drooling while looking at those picturez! ^0^
yummiest is all i can say...
my fave, roast chix! i'm sure to try that when i visit there, but the place is kinda off for tourist eh?

Keropok Man said...

everyone loves chicken rice. it's cooked in so many ways in so many parts of the world.

it's an universal food!

justin pereira,
yes, memang sedap!

thanks for linking :-)

yes, definitely too far for tourist. it's more for pple working around the Science Parks and the university and university hospital :-)

TTC said...

That calamansi taste comes from the pickled cucumber. You are correct to say that the attraction is in the sauce. It covers every other taste.

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