Monday, August 31, 2009

Mooncakes by Tung Luk

Our boss walked in to our office last Friday and brought in some mooncakes. Think he went to Tung Luk for lunch and brought back some for us to try.

It's mini mooncakes. A box has 16 minis and I think the boss says it cost $44.

Tung Lok Mooncakes

The other quarter of the box with another 4 mini mooncakes.

Tung Luk Mooncakes

But it was fun and colourful though.
Putting on paper serviettes, we cut them up.
We had lunch and was still full, so these mini pieces was good.

Colourful mooncakes

They are all very fruity flavour!
Do you realise for the photo below, it's red, yellow and green. Traffic lights!

Strawberry, Green Tea, etc...

This was quite unique though.
It's purple potato flavour.

Purple Yam

This is the flavour guide. ;-)
8 different flavours to choose from.

Know what flavours you want...

Thanks boss!

Now we are wondering, with the bad economic year, will our vendors be distributing mooncakes to us? Hmm...

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Dol said...

Oh, the season of mooncakes just around the corner!

When I'm in Singapore in this season, I enjoy to find year's models. This time I have hardly managed to set my late summer holiday's schedule, I missed any cakes. Altough here in Japan you can get mooncakes anytime of the year. (Considered as one of desert I guess)

Thank you for beautiful photos and joyful diaries. I always love to read them and just wanna say hi.

backStreetGluttons said...

Its marvellous how a simple sweet has become de signature gift item . Chinese Culture indeed or Amerikano power ?

Dutchie said...

My favourite r lotus paste, with almond flakes n salty egg yolks. Would love to try some of the new creations with all kinds of paste. R the snow skin variety made from starchy flour ?

The Hongkongers who run the shops here only sells the red bean paste, with or without yolks - € 40,00 for 4 pieces 0_0

Unknown said...

Yes it's round the corner, and everyone's selling them now.

Thanks for visiting and saying hi ;-)

Both! Fusion...

Snow skin is made from glutinous rice flour.

You know what? you should come back for a visit and head to Takashimaya basement for a sampling of all sorts of mooncakes from i think 50 different companies! that will make u a very happy lady ya?

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