Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bua Siam Thai Seafood @ Pasir Panjang Food Centre

One of our colleague, 'owet' was suggesting that we try this Thai Food at Pasir Panjang Food Centre and ask if we are interested. We are always eager on trying new stuff so we said yes! So we all hopped into another colleague's 'picnic' and off we went to Pasir Panjang FC.

When we got there, the shutters on the stall was still down. One colleague happily went to order her CKT (yesterday's post), but another hungry colleague said we are not coming all the way here and not trying the food. So he knock on 3/4 down shutters and ask if their stall will be opening soon.

The guy said sure, and the shutters went up immediately! LOL...

Bua Siam @ Pasir Panjang Food Centre

So we looked at the menu in front of this stall and ordered the following:

The Tom Yam Soup. We had two bowls of it. One bowl has more balls and the other more seafood. Hmm.. But we did like the taste. It was flavourful and spicy, but not the overwhelming kind. Just look at the aromatics they have for the soup, all those ingredients will make the soup tasty.

Tom Yam Soup

We also had the green curry. The chicken's all part of the wings that is cut into bite size pieces. The curry was quite decent and kinda addictive after a while.

Green Curry

The above were all came with rice.

The next thing we had was the Chicken and Basil Stir Fry with rice. For this dish, the rice came beside it.
It was not too bad. Quite fragrant, and enough basil inside to please me. haha....

Chicken and Basil

We also had a Phad Thai. Somehow we thought it was not as tasty and was lacking something. We wonder if it's because the rest above was too flavourful or it's the style of Phad Thai from whatever region the chef is from. (Ya, we always give them the benefit of doubt! haha)

This might sound wrong to some of you, but we solve it by eating it with the Green Curry. Some curry over it and we have a brand new dish that was nice!

Phad Thai

Not too bad a lunch. The total bill was $19. Each dish is around $3-5.
Cooked by a Thai person, so we thought it was quite authentic.

Bua Siam Thai Seafood
Pasir Panjang Food Centre
Stall 36
121 Pasir Panjang Road
Singapore 118543

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Meg in Nelson said...

Like the egg-shaped cups/bowls - very Nigella Lawson-esque. Also, interesting reflections on the stainless steel. Trying not to think of the food I'm missing... The local Thai restaurant went down in quality and service in the last few years; another great one closed. Sad...

Dutchie said...

Last time I had tom yam soup was in Little India, cooked by a guy who could be a malay ?

There were bits of sotong n bony pieces of dubious seafood. It was not a nice experience. I hv had good experiences at Thai Express. They served up a very nice Phad Thai :-))

Keropok Man said...

Now that u mention it, it looks very Nigella like those bowls. LOL

Go to Auckland. My sis is there for a month and she has been finding interesting food there! Even the Jap looks quite decent. haha

Yeah. Thai Express is not bad indeed. But this one was nice though. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Went there twice.. and just couldn't resist to miss the Century Egg salad. It was very appetizing. Then, we ordered the Fish Maw soup, not too bad too.

L.D Tony said...

As a Thai people, this shop is one of the best in this area. My Colleagues love it, still have more dish you have to try.

Overall is better than another shop at the opposite and also better than E-san restaurant.

If you ask for the real traditional Thai taste, you will get something different. The cooker will see you first, then make decision what level will go for you.

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