Friday, October 09, 2009

Hao Xiang Seafood (豪乡海鲜小厨) @ 158 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4

Momo and I with a few friends were doing the 'chase the TV Show Zhi Char' programme eat out adventure. (It was actually another one of Momo's birthday dinner together with another friend who has his birthday on a similar day hehe)

If you watch Sizzling Woks, a Channel U program showing the Zhi Char around Singapore, we went to the one that was showing the Ang Mo Kio zhi char.

It was a wet night that night. That also meant crowding at this super super packed coffee shop was not that warm. The place was madness. There was just too many people and you can see impatient people trying to get a table.

It was a long long long wait before we had our food. Here's what we had. Out of the 3 highly recommended dishes, we only could order 2. The Sha Pi Chicken was sold out.

Here's the 2 Taste Fish. A fish served in two ways. The 'dark' side was fried and had taste like a mix of terriyaki, soy and oyster sauce. This part of the fish was nice. The 'orange' side of the fish was Nonya style fish. It was lacking in sauce and it was already cold when it was served.

2 Taste Fish

The other dish recommended on TV was the Golden Sands Crayfish.
It's made of goat's milk powder. It was quite nice. We all liked it.

Golden Sands Crayfish

For the rest of the dishes, we did not know what was good and we just ordered those with "chef recommendation" on the menu.

The French Beans with Hae Bee Hiam.

French Beans

The 3 eggs and Vegetable Dish.

Triple Egg with Veg Dish

Crab Tofu. Hmm It was very starchy. When we were leaving we saw the next table was served something similar but it looked nicer. We wonder if we had the same thing. haha.

Crab Tofu Dish

Hmmm. Come here only if you have great patience and order only the 3 recommended dishes on TV. That's the verdict of the 5 of us eating.

Hao Xiang Seafood (豪乡海鲜小厨)
158 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4
Singapore 560158.

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Wen said...

I watched that program too. Tried going to the one they recommended at Toa Payoh (white bee hoon). It was so crowded till the zi char owner told us that if we can't wait, come back next time. So we didn't wait.

Last night, I went to the one recommended last week at Hougang - Teochew Fishhead steamboat. We went very early so manage to try but was disappointed with the food. All dishes were sub-standard due to the overwhelming responses. Worst still the steamboat was not even piping hot when served. And they are not even serving some of the dishes stated on the menu.

So I learnt my lesson, not to visit those stalls till the programme is over for a long period.

Keropok Man said...

Ya, either we go before they are famous or we go after a month or two after the dust settles.

but food's very subjective. if you happen to like them u would.

Anonymous said...

I went there on Wednesday 11/11 and the place is as usual quite packed. The dishes were as recommended as above.....and the taste was "so so" only.

Not worth the trouble if you are not staying around the area.

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