Thursday, October 22, 2009

Noodles Stall @ Science Canteen

It has been a really busy busy month. Our lunch time has been really boring. We have been eating the same old thing. Noodles or mix rice. If you noticed, the nicer places I posts are mostly dinner and eaten during the weekend or when we are away on course. :-)

Today's post entry is what people who are in a rush eat. Go to the canteen and grab some canteen food. We got to go early too, to avoid the queues and also to ensure we have seats.

Colleagues and I ate this at the NUS Science Canteen noodle stall today. It's one stall that you can go to satisfy your meat cravings very very cheaply! Order a large pork rib noodle, and you get around 5 or sometimes 6 (depending if you smile or not haha) of pork ribs.

This plate is colleague's lunch. He had the springy yellow noodle with pork ribs and extra vegetables. His version is usually 'no chilli', 'no tomato sauce', only soy sauce version.  He will then mix it with the fresh chop garlic. Give it a good stir with the hot noodles and the whole plate of $2.40 noodles transform into something really heavenly.

Pork Rib Noodles

I had something similar. I had meat cravings so I ordered what I call the 'chicken pox' version. I had pork ribs and had extra braised chicken wing to go with it. It was a hot day and I did not want more heat, so I opted for no chilli. I only wanted soy sauce and tomato sauce. (I think tomato sauce makes it a little tangy which I think is nice! It's not only the two sauces, they mix it with a few other mix of sauces.)

I added some garlic too and lots of pickled green chillis. Give it a good stir before eating and oh.. you get steaming hot noodles that's really fragrant you literally salivate before eating it! The pork ribs are nice, but not the nicest you can get, but we like the quantity of it. The chicken wings are 'sliding off the bones' kind. It's only $2.80. The extra chicken wings that cost 80 cents.:-)

Pork rib and chicken wings noodles

There you go, a quick simple and cheap lunch but very satisfying.
Oh, if you are coming, go there early, during peak hours, you can see a snaking long queue of students and staff from university and the hospital queuing!

Noodles Stall
NUS Science Canteen.

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Anonymous said...

Donttt blog abt it anymoreeee...
or else i will have to go there at 10am just to get the noodles!

ice said...

lol anony! KPM, your description is making me so hungry too!

Meg in Nelson said...

THAT much chili? Seriously???

Keropok Man said...

Hey Anon,
Then go lah. I am not sure if they are open at 10 am though. ;-)

I think I was very satisfied when I typed that piece. It's one of the simplest food and cheap too. LOL

It's not really a lot. The greens in my food. hehe..

Anonymous said...

They are so generous with the green pepper.


Dutchie said...


This makan place must moonlight in the evenings so that the public can enjoy food at such good rates !

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