Saturday, October 17, 2009

Little Towkay Seafood @ Cantonment Road

We had another birthday celebration for another friend. It was more like a meeting up for supper last night. It took us a few rounds of circling round in an entourage of 6 cars before the 'leader' in charge found the place. LOL

Mr "Mad" brought us this place called Little Towkay. It's I think along Cantonment Road.

Little Towkay Seafood

A few persons ordered other things as well from other stalls. Those of us who are lazy just depended on Mr Mad to order for us. We just eat as the food arrives.

The San Lou Hor Fun. A bit lacking in the wok hei, otherwise it is ok.

San Low Hor Fun

Crispy Hay Zor.

Hey Zor

Garlic Fried Kai Lan.
Do you all get extremely bitter kai lan sometimes? I ate one stalk that was.


Prawn Paste Chicken Wings.
Looking at it now, does it look a bit like Pisang Goreng? hehe...

Prawn Paste Chicken

Mr Mad even ordered chilli crabs. We must be the laziest bunch of people around. We did not want eat it because we don't want to dirty our fingers. LOL.

But I did eat a bit, and ok lah. It was quite spicy and I put some of the sauce on the hor fun and it made the horfun nicer. ;-)

Chilli Crabs

We had all the above in two portions as we had quite a few people. Mr Mad told us it was around $90, so each of us contributed $5 for the food.

Happy Birthday LW!

Little Towkay Seafood
Cantonment Road

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Meg in Nelson said...

Oh, sigh, sigh, sigh... Do they deliver?

Rita said...

wah so cheap? All only for S$90 and S$5 per pax?

Rita said...

wah why so cheap only S$5 per pax

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