Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Waraku @ The Central

Remember a few weeks ago, I posted about the 100% rebate vouchers from Waraku? We went back to use up the vouchers. There was around $290 worth of vouchers that we got from the last meal here.

We went back there to celebrate another friend's birthday. There was again, around 15 of us. Remember, half of us did not really liked the food here the last time? This time however, we thought it was quite nice. We wondered if it's because we all ordered totally different food or the chef had changed or maybe the chefs were all very happy that day.

Or was it just because we went earlier than usual, not during the peak lunch hour, so there was no mad rush for the kitchen. Oh well....

There's 15 people who ordered lots of different things. Here's only some of the dishes that was near where I sat.

The sashimi that the couple in front of me ate.


The beef paper hot pot.  Everytime we are here, so many people order this!
I must try this the next time, I wonder why they all liked it so much.

Beef Paper Hot Pot

I had the katsu stuff. I misread what was on the menu and was surprised it was so huge. I thought it was just a bowl of soupy soba and the fried pork. There's even a bowl of rice and a quite nice potato salad!

It's good that you have friends to help you 'share the calories'. hehe..

Tonkatsu Set

The fried stuff's not bad. The sauce that you dip the pork was particularly tasty. It's sesame paste and it's just so fragrant. Guess what I did? I took some soba, drained it and stir it into the leftover sesame paste sauce. :-)

My lunch!

The sushi is just too pretty to ignore. :-)


Momo had the cold noodles. She liked it. The cold noodles dipping sauce is a more diluted version of the sauce I had.

We concluded the sesame paste based sauces are all lovely.

Cold Noodles

We shared a few things. This is the  Yakiniku Salad. This is salad for meat lovers it seems.:-p

Yakiniku Salad

Yes, as you can see from the photo below, we are a noisy bunch of people. Eating, talking, laughing, joking, teasing.... In this tiny island where everyone is so stressed up, meeting with friends to eat and laugh is highly recommended for sanity. LOL

This time for the so called 'cake', we had the ice cream cakes slices in the dessert menu. This is one of the two plates of cakes.  Happy Birthday Mr AO.

Slices of Ice Cream Cakes

We used up all the vouchers and had to top up around $5 each because we spent more than the vouchers. ;-)

We wonder when the next time such deals will come again. 

Waraku @ The Central
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
The Central
Singapore 059817

Tel: 6327-8860

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always enjoy your blog everyday, miss s'pore dearly. thanks for all the wonderful posts. =)

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