Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Crystal Jade Kitchen @ Isetan Scotts

This was a quick dinner few weeks ago. (I am digging out old photos that I have not posted. haha) Sis, Momo and I were shopping (the girls) / window shopping (me) at Isetan. There was some sale going on and when it was time for dinner, we ate upstairs at Crystal Jade.

We chose CJ because we though it was of the healthier options compared to the other restaurants beside it. We were there before 7 so the crowds were not there yet which means everything was really fast! The food was served quickly, which was good for the hungry people like us. :-)

This is the bittergourd and pork claypot dish. Sis and I are bittergourd fans. Do you believe that we juice raw bittergourd for breakfast almost daily? haha...

We like cooked bittergourd for a change. This dish was nice.

Bitter Gourd and Pork

This is the '3 Cups Chicken'. (San Pei Ji).
I like the sauce of this dish and I ate up my sis' rice so that I can finish this sauce. LOL

3 Cups Chicken

The green dish for the night was the Triple Egg and Veg dish.
Do you realise something? Like Sesame Street, today's post is brought to you by the Number THREE.

3 dishes - 3 Eggs Veg Dish - 3 Cup Chicken Dish - 3 Diners.

Veg with 3 eggs

Nice quick dinner.
Anyone who are bittergourd fans out there? You should do an online search about benefits of bittergourd and you might just want to try it out :-)

350 Orchard Road
Isetan Scotts #04-00
Singapore 238868

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ice said...

I like bittergourd too! Cooked with eggs Chinese style & in a pinoy dish called pinakbet. You should try pinakbet one day if you feel adventurous!

tigerfish said...

me another bittergourd fan :p

fatboybakes said...

i am a bittergourd fan. i drink bittergourd juice every morning. the small type. it gives me a sense of cleansing and wellbeing, AND, apparently was tunku abdul rahman's secret to longevity and good health.

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