Thursday, October 29, 2009

Putien @ Kitchener Road (Eating Hairy Crabs)

I told you all yesterday that it was our first time trying Hairy Crabs. So how was the experience? It's great! I have never been so pampered eating crabs before!

No, there was no bowl of tea or water with lemons on the table. We don't need that! Our fingers were kept so so clean. Why? Because there was someone doing everything for us, except the eating it of course.

When we were ordering the food, it never cross our minds to try the crabs. We were thinking of other Heng Hwa delicacies to try. But when presented with the idea of ordering and the convincing sales pitch of the lady taking order, we were tempted! So so tempted that we ordered it!

The crabs arrived on our table. Hey Mr Hairy Crab, giving us a pitiful face won't work. *evil laughter*. We paid good money for you and we are eating you up!

Each crabs came in its own bamboo container.

Don't you dare jump at me!

Just like a convict on TV shows, we got to take the front and side profile of the crab. From this angle, you know why they are called Hairy Crabs. They are hairy! It's not spiky by the way, it's soft!

Hi Hairy Crab! You sure are hairy!

If you had the impression that Hairy Crabs are served cold, it is not. It arrived steaming hot!
Since it's our first time eating crabs, we did not know what to do! But our worries were unfounded.

Shortly after the lady served us the crabs on the bamboo container, she put on plastic gloves and proceeded  to serve us. She began to pry open the shell and served it to us. It was steaming hot and yet the lady's nimble fingers could quickly pry it open and with so little effort!

We had someone peeling the crab for us!

The top shell with the egg roe below it. This is the reason for eating hairy crabs. The precious golden roe that's full of flavour. We were told to eat it with the specially formulated vinegar that the chef had prepared. The vinegar enhances the taste of the crabs by leaps and bounds! It really does!

The shell and the crab roe

After the shell's off, this is the naked crab. All exposed. We could see more roe on it! The lady then snipped off the 8 legs and the pincers.

Naked Crab without shell.

This is the body. When broken into half, you can see that it's filled with the golden roe that makes people pay money for it!

Hairy Crabs and the egg roe

For a moment, we thought if that was it. Do we eat the crabs for the golden liquid only? We were too shy to ask. Again, we did not have to embarrass ourselves by asking. But while we were devouring the crabs, the lady was preparing the next part of the crabs for us.

She snipped off the pincers and served it to us. They had this special scissors for cutting crabs. They removed part of the shell, so we could just pick up the claws and eat! So easy right?!

The black part is the hair of the crab. It's a lump of hair. It's not dirt or mud. :-)
You know after showering, you hair clump up and stick to your head? Well, it's the same thing for these crabs! haha... That's the hair.

Hairy Pincers

We wonder what was next. The lady then snipped the other parts of the crab legs into parts. Both ends were snipped off nicely, the lady pushed the crab meat partially out of the shell. What we needed to do was just to pick them up and suck it into our mouth. How easy is that?

Eating crabs have never been easier right? The crabs were just steamed and then we eat the meat with vinegar. It's so simple and yet so delicious and sweet.

Ah.... if only there's someone to prepare crabs this way for me next time. LOL...

The crab legs all presented nicely for us

We asked the lady if everyone gets such treatment. She said when it's not so busy in the restaurant, they do it for their customers. If there's not enough people, they teach customers how to handle it.

We think it must be because there are 3 Heng Hwa ladies that we have such wonderful service today. It can't be because I am keropokman, because no one knows how he looks like. LOL..

Are you tempted to try the crabs now?
Go before 31 Oct if you want to enjoy the 100% rebate. That's why we came here. :-p
I got rebate vouchers to come back for more food.

Putien @Kitchener Road (Flagship)
127 Kitchener Road
Singapore 208514
Tel: (65) 6295 6358
Fax: (65) 6295 6458

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