Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Old Pontian Cafe @ Bukit Panjang Plaza

I guess most people have tasted the Pontian Wanton Noodles for years. I only tasted it last weekend! It was at Bukit Panjang and it's at a tiny cafe at Bukit Panjang Plaza.

I had the spicy version of it. The noodles are skinny! Not too bad I would say.
But with the skinny noodles come tiny fried wantans. LOL

I think it's $3.80 for the Large size.

Wantons Noodles

The wantans with the soup is bigger variety. ;-)


Even if you don't like wantan noodles, you should also visit this tiny outlet.

Their Pontian Popiah is nice! Huge, fat and juicy popiah. :-)
I remember they used to be a bit bigger half a year ago when I ate it too.
I think it was $3.20.
Update: I checked the price, it's $2.50.


The Old Pontian Cafe
Bukit Panjang Plaza
1 Jelebu Road
Singapore 677743

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tigerfish said...

This is exactly how I like my popiah - huge, fat and juicy :)

Anonymous said...

wow, $3.20 for a popiah is so expensive! does it have crab meat inside or what?

Keropok Man said...

That's why we like it too.

My bad. It's $2.50, and not $3.20.
But it's a huge popiah.

Anonymous said...

Hi can I cheeck with you if you have tried the dim sum at Li Bai ((Sheraton Hotel) ? I need some opinion. Thanks.

Keropok Man said...

Hi Anon #2,
Nope. Have not been to Li Bai for a long long time.

Dutchie said...

When my family gathered round to celebrate another milestone for our elders, it's often a poh piah event. My mom makes a huge bubbling pot of the fillings enough to last 2 days. We hv a special address in Tiong Bahru for the handmade pastry. My hubby loves the experience of making one's own poh piah n it's available all day long :-)!

So far those sold anywhere in SG r good. Honestly tho, if I hv 24 family members to treat, I think I will head into the kitchen n cook up a storm - haha.

Btw, what's in the sauce for dry wanton noodles ? I cant get it right so far n u just hv me craving for it - arrggghhh !!

Meg in Nelson said...

Wanton... I could most definitely live on it.

Keropok Man said...

I think many people too! hehe

Keropok Man said...


Ya, Popiah party is fun. The other day over dinner, aunt was talking about having one too.

The sauce, I think diff stalls have their own version. Maybe the 'lard' is missing? hehe...

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