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Sweet Salty Spicy @ Rail Mall

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Where did Barry and Fin bring me for dinner this time? This is the third and last meal that I am having with Barry and Fin that I am blogging. They brought me to a Thai Food place called Sweet, Salty, Spicy. (SSS) What an interesting name right? The following photo was taken after the meal and Fin thinks it is good! But look at Barry's expression. He is always in shock!

Barry and Fin thinks it is a good deal

So what did we have here? This is an interesting wrap. It's called "Miang" of prawns and pomelo on betel leaves. It tastes best if you eat them all together. (yes, we 'experimented', we ate it separately and also eating it all at one go.)

'Miang' of prawns and pomelo on betel leaves

The traditional thai fish cakes. Personally I find it nice. It does not have the usual fish cake texture, but kinda like a 'cross-breed' between fish cakes and meat balls kind of texture.

Traditional Thai Fish Cakes

The Spicy Mango Salad. This dish is Sweet Salty and Spicy all in one. Hmmm is that how they got their name I wonder...

Spicy Mango Salad

In the menu there was some bbq skewer selection. (ie Thai style satay). We had the mix platter combi where they will give us a mix of meats. Not bad. Instead of satay sauce it is tamarind sauce and sweet chilli sauce.

Mix Platter of BBQ Meats on Skewer

We also ordered some 'bangkok street style food'. This is the pork collar which we all liked. Pork collar is meat from the neck area which is fattier so it does not dries out after cooking. It's suppose to be a cheaper cut but I am not sure, I seldom buy pork from the market or supermarket. ;-)

(always wondered, does pigs have double or triple chins? haha)

Pork Collar

We also tried the Pork Knuckles that comes with a nahm prik relish. (Sweet pork relish). The rest did not seem to like the relish, but I like it! Great with the knuckles.

Pork Knuckles with nahm prik relish

We were attracted by the name of the dish. Angus Beef Cheeks Noodles. Oh, the beef was really tender. You know there are some dishes that can be your best friend but other people's enemies, this is mine and I will eat it when I visit again.

Eating is such a personal thing isn't it?

Angus Beef Cheeks Noodles

We saw a selection of curry and we tried their Curry Triplets. 3 small portions of curry to try. I can't remember which ones we had, but I know I like the green curry best. The others found the other curry better.

Curry Triplets

Next is SSS's version of Phad Thai. They call it "Pat Thai". It's a semi wet version which I think was quite nice. We were chatting with the rest about how food should be, our perceived taste because it has been generally accepted as so. But if you go to that country, it is different and in different regions they eat things that are totally not we think food in that country is like.

Eg, when you try phad thai in Bangkok, I realise after tasting 8-9 stalls, their version is always 'hard' ie, the noodles are like half cooked. But if you eat them in Singapore, no one serves them like that because we locals do not like it and think it's not authentic.

Another example is Korean side dishes (banchan). Korean Potato Salad is actually popular there and when some places serves them here, locals consider them not authentic.

Pat Thai

The soft shell crabs. I did not touch it. haha.. (I read something before about soft shell crabs haha)  The rest finds it nice though. They said if you don't eat it, it would have died in vain. LOL

Soft Shell Crabs

I think we had too much food. Not posting the dessert photos and other dishes and it has become a very long post!

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Sweet Salty Spicy
The Rail Mall
392 Upper Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 678046

Tel: 6877 2544

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Anonymous said...

I feel i need to give my comments. A few mths back, I organised a department event here. The food is great and the owner turned out to be a fren of one of our bosses. As it is a farewell dinner for a few of my colleagues. He baked a big chocolate cake.. its simply out of the world!! i meant it. I'm a chocolate lover and this is by far the best chocolate cake i have ever eaten! I'm not sure if this is in its normal menu though. The only complaint i have is that this place is not very accessible unless you drive or take a cab...

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