Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ga-Hock Seafood @ Upper Bukit Timah Road

We are back at Ga-Hock after a long long time. It's a place that needs great patience. Come early around 6 plus if you want to get your food fast. After the crowds builds up, you might need to wait around 45 mins for your food to come. Everyone that comes here is well prepared for waiting!

That is why the Satay stall here is doing brisk business. Hungry people will be having satay first. We did, but only 2 sticks each, so that we wont be feeling full even before dinner.

The first dish to arrive was the tofu and seafood dish. Looking at the receipt, the name of this dish is 4 Treasure Tofu. $14.

Mixed Vegetables

Then we had the roast chicken! $20

So that photos are not so boring, my cousin is posing her fingers today. Ouch, the chicken bit me!
The chicken is nice by the way.

Roast Chicken

We also had chilli crabs. It was quite a huge crab. Who can resist chilli crabs?  It was $42 for this huge crab. Dip the sauce with fried mantous.

Chilli Crabs

Our cousin is daddy's girl. The claw all peel for her. She just needs to put it in her mouth. :-)

Crab Claws peeled by her daddy

Oh, this is one super spicy la la!
Curry leaves and sambal is a potent mix. It's so good though. It's very fragrant with the curry leaves and sambal makes you break out sweat. $15.

Spicy Sambal Clams

If you are willing to wait, here's one place that you can get value for money food. ;-)
Oh yes, sit far far away from the Satay stall too! If not, you will be breathing in lots of smoke!

Ga-Hock Seafood
794 Upper Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 678133

Tel: 6314 5725

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NgocDung said...

Thanks a lot :)

Katie said...

That crab looks awesome but I wouldn't know where to start with eating it! The chicken looks so crispy and delicious.

canuwalk said...

Cilli crab not worth the 45 mins wait. Any chilli crab cooked with bottled tomato sauce just taste fake.
jan 03 2010

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