Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Grill Out! @ Sunset Way

This was dinner with our Care Group. We have a 'makan night' every 3 or 4 weeks. This was eaten around two weeks ago. Our CG leader picked the venue and it was Sunset Way. The sms was to meet at Sunset Way and  we will walk and choose a restaurant there.

We 'walked' and somehow decided we shall try "Grill Out". Why? it's because someone saw the meats and got tempted. (It's not me!)

This is our complimentary soup. It was mushroom soup. Someone was cheeky and asked if it was 'campbell'? We were told they made it themselves. They added that complimentary does mean they just can soups. haha.. It was quite ok. It was excellent with the soft bread served.

Soup of the Day - Mushroom Soup

It was too difficult and dark to take photos at night and sitting in semi darkness. So I only took the one that sis and I shared. (these photos have been 'added lots of light' by software. haha)

Sis and I had the "set for 2" deals. You get 3 different kind of meats with portions just nice for 2. 1 of it is Rib Eye, I forgot the 2nd meat. Sis also can't remember it now.

Set Special - Short Ribs, Rib Eye, Piccata

The other side of the dish, the 3rd type of meat was the short ribs. Sis and I liked it. We had our meat prepared medium and it was nice.

Set Special - Short Ribs, Rib Eye, Piccata

We ordered a Pork Backribs to share with the rest too.
It was good, but it would be better with a little more sauce. I like it saucey. hehe..

USA Pork Backribs

The rest of our CG members had oysters, caesar ' kuro ham salad (which was very nice), another couple had the wagyu/pork leg and sirloin set for 2, another the Angus Tenderloin etc. The list goes on...

We were 'pigging out' at Grill Out. haha..

Grill Out
106 Clementi Street 12 (Sunset Way)
Singapore 120106

Tel: 6774 7001
Hours: 11.30 am to 10.00 pm

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Anonymous said...

ah, another nice meat place to go. but how are the prices?

Keropok Man said...


Mushroom soup was free.

The Set for 2 we had was $39 with 3 kinds of meat.

The USA Pork Backribs was $32

Shanghai Club said...

The crust on the Pork Backribs looks great even without having much for a sauce.

Keropok Man said...

Shanghai Club
Yeah, it was nice.

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