Monday, December 07, 2009

Curry Udon @ Home

This was a quick simple lunch I had on Saturday.

I took the H1N1 flu vaccine on Friday and I was all ok until Saturday afternoon. I suddenly felt so dizzy and weak. But I need to eat! So I opened the fridge and whip out a quick simple meal.

So, this was lunch I prepared for sis and myself from things in the fridge. 2 big carrots, 2 packets of udon, and chicken thigh meat. I added japanese curry cubes, mirin and a little oyster sauce. This is it.

Curry Udon

I thought I better boost my immune system with fruits. Organic Apples, Kiwi Fruit and Orange.

Fruit Salad

Did you all watch the Japanese drama Udon on Channel Okto last night? Haha. I thought I would post what I eat because of the Udon show last night. :-)

You can see that I eat in front of the TV with all the remote control. haha...

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Anonymous said...

Oh you did? Good luck man.

Read here about the actual fact about the H1N1

MCCasey said...

Sounds good but what is mirin?

tigerfish said...

Next, press the remote control button and have someone cut the fruits and cook the udon for you. :D

Dutchie said...

So there's a short-order cook in u afterall - haha.

I've been eating too much noodles lately as well bec it's easy to whip up. Gawd, I hate this grey n misty cold weather. It's dark when I leave for work n dark when I leave the office *big sigh*

Keropok Man said...

LOL, that's a good one. had a good laugh.

Mirin is sweet japanese rice wine. I add it in, so that salty food's not what they call 'dead salty'. Mirin gives it a little bit of sweetness.

i would love that! but i can't afford a maid. hehe..

Ya, udon is easier and healthier than instant noodles. hehe.

You sound so cold and gloomy over there!

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