Saturday, December 19, 2009

Vietnamese Stall @ Business Canteen, NUS

It has been a long long time since I ate at the NUS Business Canteen. It's the university holidays, so it's less stressful to find a place to sit here. But there's also a downside eating here during the holidays. Not all stalls are open during this time of the year.

Colleagues and I decided to eat here and we thought we would have some Vietnamese food. While queueing up, we saw this new dish, (new to me because I have not been here for a long time) that consists of raw watercress and beef slices. Well, it looks tempting on the serving trays!

When I got nearer to the serving lady, I saw they had beef stew too. I was also tempted by it! I want it all! So I ordered both together with a vegetable sidedish.

Vietnamese Mixed Rice

Another colleague ordered the same thing too. We all think it's nice.

The raw watercress had some tangy dressing on it. That made is so tasty yet so light! The beef slices (a few more hidden below the greens) was delicious too! Thinking of it makes me wanna go back for more. :-p

The stew was not too bad too. Ah... for only $4 for this meal was very worth it!

Vietnamese Stall
Business Canteen
National University of Singapore.

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