Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Cedele @ Novena Square

We walked around after lunch at Zhou's Kitchen. Walking does burn away calories and make you tired and thirsty! Before we know it, we got a text message from aunt telling us if anyone's interested for a tea break, she's at Cedele, taking a break.

We were happy to receive the text and quickly appeared at Cedele to join her and uncle.
Aunt felt like eating something, so we got the tea set that consists of a drink and a scone.

Aunt had the cranberry scone. We all pinched a little bit and yes, it's nice!

Cranberry Scones

Coffee.. (for the caffeine addict hehe)
Aunt needs a coffee in the afternoon!


I had something sweet and sour!
Sweet Honey with Sour Calamansi. Very refreshing.

Sour and sweet Calamansi, so refreshing!

Cheers! A green tea something with chocolate something.
Momo says she loves the chocolate drink here.

Yey to cold drinks!

While chatting, we realised we all call this place by differently.
Momo says her colleagues calls it "Sir Dell", and confidently said her other colleagues asked their ang moh colleagues, it should be like that.

I think it was aunt who said "See Dell".

I always call it "See Dell Lay".

How? So who is right? I decided to ask the people working there how to pronounce Cedele. I walked up to the counter and ask! It turns out I was the closest!

Oh, it's pronounced "See Dell Lee" said the chirpy service staff.

And now you know too. So, how have you been calling it?

Cedele @ Square 2

10 Sinaran Drive
Singapore 307506

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stargirl said...

haha i've been calling it sir-deli. love their carrot walnut cake! the cream cheese icing is omg nice :D

Meg in Nelson said...

My guess would have been the same as yours. Oh well, if the food is good!

ice said...

I think Cedele's management has confirmed it's pronounced as Sir-Deli. hehe this outlet should be at Novena Square right? Not Square 2!

Love Cedele's cakes.

Keropok Man said...

I am always confused between Novena Square and Square 2. I think you are right, it's Novena Square.

Is Novena Square = Velocity? Why do they have to keep changing names?

Ya, many people like the bread in Cedele.

Many other stuff here is nice right? :-)

stargirl said...

yup! most of their sandwiches and soups are worth a try. cedele offers hearty cream-free soup options which can make for a healthy meal coupled with a few slices of free-flow bread (provided that you don't eat too many slices XD)

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