Monday, December 21, 2009

I won a cookbook from Mr Migayi's Christmas Chocolate Giveaway...

There's this Willie Harcourt-Cooze’s Willie’s Chocolate Factory Cookbook that Mr Miyagi and Discovery Travel and Living is giving away.

My little bar fridge that sits beside my couch at home nagged me to join the competition. It even asked me to take away the fridge magnets on it and replace it with the words below!

I relented and joined the contest. Guess what? I (or rather the LG Bar Fridge) won the book. You can refer to the contest at :

As a condition of winning the cookbook, the fridge had to pose! 

This fridge is shameless

This fridge is shameless! It even decided to bare it all show what it has inside!
It's kinda half empty at the moment. It's being slowly cleared so new stocks can go in. The new stocks of chocolate are in the main fridge in the kitchen. 

But if you wanna know what they are:

On the door: 
There's this Alprose chocolate that mum bought from Dubai Duty Free. A box of Merci from someone, I can't remember who. The purple pack is some smarties chocolates brought back from Australia. On top there's some chocolates from Qantas plane and also some leftover of Chocolat Factory.

Behind the Merci I think are some cactus, orange and strawberry chocolate that Dad brought back for us from Jeju Island.  There's also some koala poo chocolates from Melbourne too! LOL

In the main fridge:
The Red, Green, Lavendar boxes are some chocolates from UK that sis brought back when she was visiting us. The red box is chilli! I think it's from Thorntons. Below it are some chocolate from Hungary! Below that is Lindt dinner mints that someone gave. Beside it, chocolate balls that another sis brought back, can't remember from where. Behind it some sweets from Australia.

On the lower rack, the orange box is chocolate from Alison Nelson's Chocolate Bar from New York City. Sis was giving a paper presentation in NYC and brought it back to London. I had to collect it from London when I visited her! The black box with purple rim on top is  Gu Chocolate Puds from UK. The choc pods are delicious!! Wonder what's in the plastic bag below the orange box. It has not even been taken out of the carrier bag! Above it more Nestle choc bars.

It stores all kinds of chocolates inside

In the main fridge, are Disney Chocolates from Disneyland Anaheim. Plus the latest addition is some Schoc chocolate from New Zealand that sis brought back in November.

Do you have a chocolate fridge at home too? Don't tell me it's as big as the Heineken beer fridge! This little LG will get real real jealous! 

If you want to send me chocolates, this little LG of mine will gladly store it!
I am not greedy really! These chocolates are enjoyed by visitors to our home.

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Meg in Nelson said...

Congratulations... And goodness me, I've heard of beer fridges, film fridges, and wine coolers and humidors, but never ever known anyone with a choc fridge. No wonder I love everything about you!!

Keropok Man said...

The main fridge loves the Schoc Chocolates from NZ! It's reluctant to let this mini fridge keep it.


Anonymous said...

goodness me, you are not lack of chocolate!? you can have a chocolate party with your stock! I was thinking of giving you some chocolate from Belgian or the Netherlands. I am in the Netherlands at the moment. - Li Yen

ice said...

Oh damn, I'll need to push this mini fridge home. You take the cookbook I'll take the fridge!

Foodies Queen said...

Alright, so when's the chocolate party? Hahaha.....

qwazymonkey said...

This is damn funny! Btw Congrats! Now waiting and keeping fingers cross that Queen Lemongrass to announce the winner on her blog

Anonymous said...

Hey your submission is really funny! congrats on winning that cookbook..=D

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