Friday, December 11, 2009

Tasting the Miracle Fruit @ Our office

Not sure if anyone here has tasted the Miracle Fruit. I first read about it around one year ago, and I told a few colleagues. Then today, a colleague brought some to work for me.

He brought it back all the way from Kuching. He found out one of his aunt planted it. So he visited his aunt and asked for some for me! What a nice colleague he is! These fruits are a few days old (that's why it is a bit shriveled) because I was on leave and did not come in to office! I was told they don't keep well, and it's best eaten fresh to get the best effect.

To know more about it, read this wiki of the Miracle Fruit. In short, after eating the miracle fruit, anything  sour will taste sweet! So we decided test if it's true.

My colleague had brought back two bags of lime for me. (He always bring back these lime from his own garden. Thanks!) So it's perfect for the experiment.

Another colleague and I cut a lime and tasted it first. Yes, it was SOUR!
We then bite the miracle fruit and made sure we coat our whole tongue and mouth with the fruit. The fruit is so so small, it's the size of a raisin. 

Miracle Fruit

We tasted the lime again. Hey, it does make a difference!

If you read the wiki and experiences of other people, you get the impression it is very sweet. For both of us who tried it, we think it's more like an orange that's not sweet enough rather than a very sweet sunkist orange. :-)

The taste of the miracle fruit? It's not very tasty. haha.. More like eating the inside of a rambutan. haha..
But after eating the lime, and drinking water, we can feel the sweet after taste. The sweetness is more like artificial sweeteners like 'Equal'. ;-)


It was a nice experience though. If possible, we would want to try the fruit fresh from the tree. I wonder if it's any different. ;-)

Oh, I read that in hotels or restaurants that serves molecular gastronomy, it might cost up to $40 per fruit!  If you want to find them in Singapore, try Lim Chu Kang Drive. The govt has planted a few trees there! hehe.. That is if you can get the fruits others have 'stolen' it.

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Meg in Nelson said...

Until you started talking about this, I had never heard of it! It sounds so intriguing!!

Anonymous said...

wow I've never heard about it until now either! Sounds fun :)

Nic (KHKL) said...

ooohhh, so you've finally tried the miracle fruit! ppssttt, got extra ar? can try next time we go makan. i'll provide the lime. hehehe.

Keropok Man said...

Try looking around in Nelson. Who knows someone might be planting it!

Just like burger joint, it might be within 7 km from your place! haha..

intriguing eh?

during your road trip to Penang, you should have stopped by to grab some!

I had 6 tiny little fruit.
I tried 2, colleague in my same office had 2 too. 2 more gave to Momo.

Next time!

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