Friday, December 18, 2009

Al Hamra Lebanese & Middle Eastern Cuisine @ Holland Village

It was our boss' birthday few days ago and we asked if he would like to go out for lunch with us. He said yes! It must be one of those rare days he is not having a meeting! haha. So we went over to Holland Village for lunch. We were about to go to our usual 'colleague birthday lunch' place when we saw the queue at Crystal Jade snaking!

We queued for around 5 mins and someone suggested why not try something really really different! We thought of a few options but one that really stood out was Middle Eastern cuisine. Only one colleague amongst us had tried it.

There are 2 Middle Eastern cuisine places in Holland Village. One next to Coffee Club and this one we tried today is next to Haagen Dazs. (The reason at the end of the post.)

Al Hamra @ Holland Village

It's a very 'cosy' kind of place inside. It had dim lights (arrgh which means I wondered if I should take photos!)

We have absolutely no idea what to order. One colleague who had few weeks earlier went to the other middle eastern restaurant said it is really an acquired taste. Either you like it or totally hate it. The orders were huge when he ordered at the other restaurant. So we  'played safe' by not ordering too much.

Here's the starter. Cucumber and carrots strips, gherkins, olives. Well, as guessed, half the table loved it, half did not like the pickled stuff. :-) We had two plates and surprisingly those who loved it finished it all!


The service staff could see we were totally lost, so he recommended the Cold Mezza Platter. $26 We had two of them. You have the Hommos and Tabbouleh, Rice in Vine leaves etc.

I actually find it quite nice. 

Cold Mezza Platter

We also had the Al Hamra Mixed Grill. $30.
It had kebabs of lamb cubes, minced lamb and chicken. I like the chicken the best. It actually tasted very good. I am not very fond of the lamb because I don't really like lamb.

Al Hamra Mixed Grill

This is the Mixed Seafood Grill. $30.50
It's different kinds of grill fish and prawns. I prefer the previous grill. :-)

When the good arrived, we were expecting a bigger portion because our colleague said the other shop down the street had bigger ones. But it was ok this time because we had colleagues who did not really eat. (poor thing, they just nibbled a little for they could not adjust to middle eastern food.)

Mix Seafood Grill

We were glad we ordered some Zatar Bread to try though. $4.50
Zatar is seems is a bland of herbs with olive oil on normal pita bread. Ok, this is the thing that everyone ate and enjoyed. (even those who did not like middle eastern food. haha)

Zatar Bread

This is the normal pita bread. We don't see it billed in the receipt, so I guess this is complimentary. :-)

Pita Bread

So if you are wondering what's the reason we came here? It's because 1) it's the least walking distance. 2) we were treating the boss and we were 'cheap'. We saw a sign that said 30% off for birthday persons. LOL! Yes, laugh if you want.

It was a good way to try a new cuisine. We did a poll after lunch. Half of us say we would return, the other half says no way! Oh, how diverse we are.

Happy Birthday Boss!

Al Hamra Lebanese & Middle Eastern Cuisine
23 Lorong Mambong
Holland Village
Singapore 277682

Tel: 6464 8488

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Camemberu said...

Oh this place is quite good! Only ate there once but remember it well. I guess I belong to the camp that likes Middle Eastern food? lol

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