Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Scholar @ NUS Society Kent Ridge Guild House

This was our office lunch with a few days back. Can you guess who funded this lunch? Money we got from the company's productivity / Office of Quality Management fund!

My office mates and I enjoy food and we tend to go all around this little island for lunch. We got a problem though. If we travel out and back, it sometimes exceed the 1 hour lunch time. So how not to get the sack?

We think of ways to get things done accurately and quickly. We also carry devices that allows us to connect back to the machines when we are away! It might sound shameless, but we all think we are doing very well! In fact, we submit our work processes and suggestions to the Office of Quality Management and they found it good, and rewarded us with cash! The cost savings from our project is 50 times what they reward us!

This will be one of the many lunches from that stash of cash. We used to go to places that are more expensive and we realize the money depletes too fast. So this year we are going to places with nice food and not so expensive. We want to have more meals!

This was lunch at The Scholar. It's the Chinese Restaurant of the NUS Society.

We started our lunch with a good old Herbal Duck Soup. Hey, that piece is sea cucumber.
It was delicious!

Herbal Duck Soup

This was the Pan-fried Marmite Chicken with Broccoli.
The chicken was good. Anything marmite always taste good right? Unless you hated it while growing up. ;-)

Pan-fried Chicken with Marmite

The Wasabi Prawns. Little round balls of fried prawns coated with mayo with wasabi. I think if there's more wasabi it would have been better!

Wasabi Prawn with Broccoli

The Crispy Yam Ring. The yam was not bad. It taste rather good.

Breaking it up reveals all the delicious ingredients inside. It's like our close knit team. We think we are the treasure of our organization. LOL

Crispy Yam Ring

The pig liver with kailan. I am not a pig liver person but many of my colleagues are. I liked the kailan beside it though. We realize the dishes here all have generous amounts of greens beside it. It's rather healthy eh?

Pig Liver with Kailan

The Long Bean with Crispy Brinjal dish. This dish is rather unique. I have never tried this combi before! The fried brinjal was excellent! It taste a little like fried tofu!

Long Bean with Crispy Brinjal

The promo that they have was the DIY Popiah. We had two sets of it, so that it could feed the 10 of us.
Two colleagues volunteered to be the Popiah wrapper. ;-)

Crabmeat Popiah

Looks rather appetizing eh?

Crabmeat Popiah

The carbo dish was the Hokkien Yellow Noodles.
Not too bad, but probably not lardy enough for some people. No 'lard crispy' was found! LOL...

Hokkien Yellow Mee

For desserts, some of us had the Mango Pudding. Who can resist the mango pudding?

Mango Pudding

Some had the Warm Purple Rice with Durian Syrup. (Or Chok Bee)
Those who had it said there's durian smell, but no durian taste! LOL..

Warm Purple Rice with Durian Syrup

The Yam Puree (Or Nee).
Those who ate it said it was quite decent.

Yam Puree

We got to thank one colleague who did all the work of submission our projects. If not, we will not be able to win the cash for this lunch. ;-)

The Scholar
National University of Singapore Society
Kent Ridge Guild House
9 Kent Ridge Drive
Singapore 119241

Reservations: 6586 3710

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Mr. Pineapple Man said...

yum! the dessert looks heavenly...

Unknown said...

Wahh looks great! Which company do you work in, that gives u such benefits? Hehhs..

FBB said...

sorry sorry, i dun understand. you mean you got to eat all this for free? wow, NUS seems to have a pretty fancy chinese restaurant!!! halal ah?

Anonymous said...

the food looks very good!! btw does this resturant open for public too??

Unknown said...

Mr Pineapple Man

It was :-)

Hehe. I think a lot of companies provide such benefits. All the productivity that the govt is encouraging, there should be some fund somewhere to encourage people to be more productive. :-)

Yes. Come up with a plan to save time and money and increase productivity. Implement it and send that plan to the 'committee'. They like it, they rewards you some cash. :-)

Not a halal place though...

Not very sure. The NUSS seems to have open up some of their restaurants to the public now. You can call them and see.

The Guild House in Suntec and at the Bukit Timah campus seems to be open to the public now.

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