Friday, April 30, 2010

Gelateria Venezia @ Guthrie House

Oh the heat! Do you feel sticky and warm these few days? (or probably weeks)
What do think of having when you are feeling warm? Ice Cream!

We did not know that there are so many ice cream places near our place until we did a count recently. There are 10 of our favourite ice cream places within a 15 minute drive away! The nearest is only a 10 minute walk away!

There ice cream shops are nearby:
Cold Rock (Holland Village), Estivo Gelateria, Frutta La Viva, Haagen Dazs (Holland Village), Haato (Ridgewood), Ice Cream Kingdom, Island Creamery, The Daily Scoop, Udders and Venezia Gelateria.

We picked Venezia because the youngest in the family says so!

Venezia Gelateria @ Guthrie House

We were wondering if we should ordered 2 triple flavours to share (cheaper) or 3 double flavours to share (more convenient). In the end we picked convenience.

The Rum and Raisin + Butterscotch Ice Cream.

Rum n Raisin and Butterscotch

The Coconut Sorbet and Yogi Frozen Yoghurt.

Coconut Sorbet and Yogi

The Chocolate and Burnt Sugar Ice Cream.

Chocolate and Burnt Sugar

Everyone had their favourites. I think mixing Burnt Sugar and Butterscotch tastes the best!

Gelateria Venezia
1 Fifth Avenue,
Guthrie House #01-01,
Singapore 268802

Tel: 6468 3656

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Kenny Mah said...

"The Coconut Sorbet and Yogi Frozen Yoghurt." Looks like ais batu campur/ABC! :D

Unknown said...

ABC = Ais Beku Coconut = Coconut Sorbet? LOL

Lyne said...

the close shots are amazing. Do you mind to share the camera model that you are using?

Unknown said...

Hi Lyne

Canon 500D ;-)

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