Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Octa Hotel @ Parco Marina Bay

We have a so called 'tradition' in our office. We all treat the birthday boy / girl lunch and he/she will treat us the desserts/drinks later.

So after the ramen lunch, though we are quite full, we went ahead to have desserts. The birthday girl was so excited about having desserts, we just could not disappoint her. The birthday girl whipped out the U-weekly pull out again. She said let's go visit the imaginary hotel in the imaginary 8th district (arrondissement) of Paris right here in Parco.

A photo of Octa Hotel. It's a Japanese interpretation of a Paris Cafe.

Octa Hotel @ Parco Marina Bay

It's the place for tai-tais or tai-tais wannabe to have afternoon tea! It was peaceful and serene inside. The 4 guys in our group stood out like sore thumbs in the place where there were nicely dressed ladies sipping their teas, having their parfait and also their little lunches.

The food we ordered were served in plates with fancy flowery designs.


This was the Gâteau au fromage (Cheesecake) $8.80 that we had.
The cheesecake was ok (only).

Gâteau au fromage


We also had the Ga'teaux Chocolat (Chocolate Cake) $8.80.
The description was real chocolate melting in your mouth. Not really what we expected.


This was the Pain Perdu d'orignal (Original French Toast) $13.90
Probably the fanciest french toast I have tried.
Don't expect it to be crispy with toppings and liquids drench over it. :-p

Pain Perdu d'original

The place is a good pit stop for resting your legs while shopping around this area.
Antique furniture, beautiful interior and gift shop section too at the premises. The ladies might come back, but not the guys. :-)

Octa Hotel

9 Raffles Boulevard
#01-39 Parco Marina Bay
Singapore 031596

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Kenny Mah said...

That's French Toast? Really? :P

Unknown said...

French Toast Octa Hotel Style ;-p

Unknown said...

We found a hair in our Parisian dog! And when they offered to change it, they wanted us to pay for the difference!! No service stars here

Unknown said...


A bit of service lapse by some untrained service staff?

Hehe.. At least they did not charge you extra for the hair. (ok ok, I am joking...)

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