Thursday, April 08, 2010

Tasty Thai Hut @ Bukit Timah Food Centre

Two or three weeks ago, I ate at Tasty Thai Hut and wondered when will I ever get to try their Green Curry. Well, last night I got to try it. I was surprised it was still available past 8pm.
Their rice was sold out though. The rice they served the curry was 'bought' from the next stall by the the folks from Tasty Thai Hut. LOL...

Green Curry at Tasty Thai Hut

The curry was ok lah. I would say so so only. I wonder if I said that because I expected more after the always sold out it must be damn good phenomena. ;-p

It is not the very thick sauce kind. It's more soupy kind. People (like my brother) who loves to literally drink sauces can wallop it without feeling too guilty.

For $4, it's not too bad a deal. You don't get green curry at this price and taste this decent at most places.

Tasty Thai Hut
Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre
116 Upper Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 588172

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Anonymous said...

looks slightly oily? Is it very oily?

southernoise said...

During one of the lessons, forest leong shared with us that in thailand their green curry is supposed to be more soupy.

Julia said...

The soupy green curry is very fragrant, but the chicken pieces are too bony, very difficult to eat.

I think their chicken with basil leaves is much nicer! :)

Unknown said...

Slightly, but it's just a thin layer above.

Ah... So it's authentic!

I like the chicken and basil!
The tang hoon salad is not bad too! Two of my favorites from TTH.

Ya, the curry's chicken I had was the midjoint of the wings. It was a little bony.

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