Monday, April 19, 2010

Hansang Korean Charcoal BBQ Restaurant @ Holland Village

Last Wednesday was one of those days that we really want to go out! Out of the office.  Everyone was stressed. Some are moody. We needed therapy. We know there are real psychologist that some of us can talk too in the company, but no... they won't understand.

We went for the tried and tested therapy. Food therapy! We headed out to Holland Village for our therapy session.

We decided to try out the new Korean restaurant at Holland Village. (It was where Sushi Tei used to be.) Just before stepping in, there was some hesitation. It's not the food that we were worried about, but whether we will stink of BBQ after that! You know that BBQ places always leave a lingering smell on your clothes. 

Hansang Korean Charcoal BBQ Restaurant @ Holland Village

We bravely walked in. We were the first group of customers for the day! We were promptly seated. We ordered our drinks and begin scrutinizing their menu! We can't help it. The place is new, the menu is new, everything was new!

It was a hot day, so most of us ordered cold drinks. We had Iced Omija, Ice Roasted Barley Tea, Iced Green Tea. As usual, some will still order hot tea on a hot day! (Are you one who orders hot drinks on hot days too?) The hot drinks ordered were Ginseng Tea, and Red Date Tea. Prices were between $1.50 to $4.20 for the drinks.

Ginseng Tea, Omija (ice), Green Tea (ice), Roasted Barley (ice)

'HY' saw this in the menu and was yearning to try it. So we ordered it.
It's Chongpo Muk. (Mung Bean Starch Jelly). $12

It's a small plate, but it's quite refreshing. It has the texture of agar-agar but it's savoury/salty.

Chongpo Muk (Mung Bean Starch Jelly)

Remember I said we were scrutinizing the menu? The prices are mostly on the higher side. We noticed there was a lunch special leaflet on the plastic stand. The lunch specials were more wallet friendly.  So other than the drinks and the Chongpo Muk, everything else we ordered were from the lunch special. :-)

The leaflet had four side dishes that were all priced at $6.80. They looked good and we told the service staff, we want them all!

The dumplings or pot stickers. It was not bad.

Korean Pot Stickers

The Ddukbokki - Spicy Rice Cakes. It tasted spicy and yet sweetish. It has lots of leeks too. Rather addictive!


The Korean Seafood Pancake. This was good too. I know some people eat pancakes because they like the doughy taste. But this is just nice. Not too much flour in it!

Korean Seafood Pancake

The chicken skewers. We thought they tasted like sweet and sour chicken on mini bamboo skewers.
It was already quite tasty by itself, but we wondered why was there a tiny side dish of peppered salt served with it?

We did add a tiny bit of salt to the chicken, it does enhance the taste, but it might be too salty for most of us.  Any Koreans reading this, care to enlighten us?

Chicken Skewers

These were the mains we had. All from the lunch specials.

'OC' had the Ginseng Chicken. $10.80
We somehow knew he would order it. He orders Ginseng Chicken soup at most of the Korean places we go! We could tell from the aftermath that he liked it. A huge smile on his face and a face full of sweat! Yet he said, "so so only lah".

Ginseng Chicken

Some Korean restaurants serve their Ginseng Chicken soup without salt pre-added. This place happens to be one too. The salt is on the small little side plates (bottom left). You add as much or as little as you please.

Ginseng Chicken

'HY' and I, both ordered the Jajang Myon $8.80.
Both of us said we will be back again for this! The noodles are 'que que' (springy/chewy texture). The black sauce also tasted good!

You know how you get dissapointed at Jajang Myon at most places because you don't get the satisfaction like you see on the Korean dramas? We thought it was not bad. It looked really simple and plain, but it did tasted good.

Jajang Myon

It was even tastier as we added the side dishes into it. Not sure if it's the proper way to eat them,  I stirred in the bean sprouts and mixed it. The kimchi, pickles and braised sweet lotus root, I bite them as I ate noodles.

Jajang Myon - sides

'ET' had the Ramyon. $8.80
Forgot to ask him how it taste, but he was slurping away.


'DP' ordered the Kimchi Rice. $10.80
We recently noticed that if he does not order anything with rice, he will be hungry by 2.30pm! So just as we guessed, he ordered a rice dish. LOL...

Kimchi Rice

The therapy cost us $124.55 after 10% service charge and 7% GST.

Hansang Korean Charcoal BBQ Restaurant.
20 Lorong Mambong,
Holland Village
Singapore  277679

Tel: 6464 5238

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Maxine said...

Is there a day when you do not eat anything good?!?!?!

Unknown said...

Of course!
They won't end up here for sure. :-)

Mr. Pineapple Man said...

yum!! craving korean food right now~

Singapore Food Photographers said...

i enjoyed looking through your photos, they are crisp, clear and focused.

Unknown said...

Mr Pineapple Man
Korean food always nice eh?


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