Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Balestier Tau Sar Piah Deli @ Balestier Road

I went to my aunt's house few days ago and she offered me some 'tau sar piah'. One of her friend was at Balestier Road in the morning and had bought an extra box for my aunt.

I was hungry and I gladly accepted the offer to have some.

Balestier Tau Sar Piah Deli

There are around 4 or 5 shops along Balestier Road that sells 'tau sar piah'. Everyone has their favourite shop and I guess this must be aunt's friend's favourite.

I shall not label it the 'best tau sar piah' as some are in the habit of labeling everything the best. LOL... But the ones here sure is very nice! Each costs 50 cents.

Balestier Tau Sar Piah Deli

There were two different kinds of tau sar piah in the box.

Pardon me as I was enjoying it so much, I can't remember which is salty and which is sweet. I think this is the salty / savoury filling version.

Tau Sar Piah

The one with the sesame seeds (I think) is the sweet filling version.

Tau Sar Piah

The fillings looked the same for both flavours. Let your tongue tell you the difference. ;-)

The pastry was light and fluffy. The filling was also not too overwhelmingly sweet or salty. After eating one, you would like having another.

Looking at these photos now, I feel like having some!

The filling of the Tau Sar Piah

Which shop along Balestier Road is your favourite tau sar piah shop?

Balestier Tau Sar Piah Deli
611 Balestier Road
Singapore 329918

Tel: 9797 8255 / 6252 4631

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fatboybakes said...

hope i dun get lynched by my fellow malaysians. i usually dun like this stuff, but the ones from singapore are realllly good!

Anonymous said...

龍發豆沙饼for me and nothing else!:-)

Anonymous said...

What their opening time, available everyday?

Unknown said...


You tried it and it's good right? hehe..

Sounds like a good idea!

Give them a call and they will let you know their latest opening hours. ;-)

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