Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Korean Restaurant Cliff @ Beauty World Centre

Yesterday's food diary entry was a high end Korean Restaurant. You get good service, nicely renovated restaurant, glossy menu and excellent food. The "Da Chang Jin" palatial  standard?

Today's entry is a cheaper, simple Korean Restaurant. It's like the small little Korean eateries you see in Korean dramas. But still you get nice decent food. This place I visited is located on the Food Court level, ie the Roof Top of Beauty World Centre. 

Sis and I have seen this place opened for some time. But we never thought of venturing in. So few nights ago, we decided to just walk in. (It was also because the Hawker Centre was just too warm to eat comfortably. hehe)

Korean Restaurant Cliff @ Roof Top of Beauty World Centre

We were greeted by the Korean couple running this place. We guess it must be a husband and wife team. She asked if it's our first time here because we looked totally lost after 5 mins of staring at the menu. We did not know how or what to order.

She recommended a soup hot-pot dish saying "This one is nice. Can share. Popular" in halting Korean-glish. (Is there a Korean version of Singlish?) It did look good on the menu's photo, but we were not that hungry and we were thinking of snacking instead! We ordered 'snack food' in the end.

For drinks, we saw that their drinks fridge had interesting Korean can drinks. We picked two different drinks from the fridge. You should try the grape drink! The Koreans actually stuff real grapes into the drinks! Skinless green grapes! The Aloe Vera is not bad too. $2 per can. 

Korean Can Drinks

After waiting for a long time, our snack food finally was served! KFC! Korean Fried Chicken! We ordered the 4 pieces option. $10.80

While we were waiting for our food earlier, we saw the word "Chicken Up" all around the shop.  So I pulled out my phone and googled Chicken Up. The search results showed Julia's review on inSing.com. (Same name, but different location) But after reading what Julia wrote, we were looking forward to the chicken!

It did turn out quite nice! Sis who is now "Miss Calorie Counting" actually enjoyed eating the chicken! It was very hot! We could see the stream coming out of the fried chicken. They were huge too! It has super crispy skin. It had really moist meat, even for the breast meat. Very well marinated chicken!

Chicken Up Fried Chicken

The other snack was the Korean Pancake. Too floury for my liking. Remember I am not a flour person. Maybe we were more interested in the chicken that this. ;-)

Spicy Korean Pancakes

To our surprise, even when we were just ordering snack kind of food, we were given side dishes! 10 of it as well! Some was nice, some so so lah. But still, there were a huge variety!

Lots of side dishes...

Looking at the next photo, you can tell this place is run by true blue Koreans. This was the order chit, which also doubled as the bill too after the meal. No service charge, no GST.

I took this photo at the counter with my camera phone. hehe... We got no receipt to remember the price.


A note though. It was a week night when we went. There were only 4 or 5 tables occupied. As it was a two person team (not sure if they have help on other days),  both of them disappeared to the kitchen to prepare food and no one was outside with the customers. It also took some time for our food to be served.

Not a bad place for fried chicken! Visit if you like Korean style fried chicken and fancy Korean can drinks!

Korean Restaurant CLIFF
Beauty World Centre
144 Upper Bukit Timah Road
#04-01 (Same level as hawker centre)
Singapore 588177 

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*Harris said...

Hello! The chicken looks good! I'm actually contemplating between this and Woori Nara/Nana at Lorong Kilat now! Have you tried Woori?

Unknown said...

Hi *Harris

I have walked past Woori that night. One of these days I will walk in! :-)

XY said...

I've tried the grape juice before and I really love the chewy green grapes inside. But my first drink like that was a Japanese brand, also canned with real grapes. Very, very fragrant. :D

theo said...

The blog is really very nice. All the foods look very delicious. The chicken looks good!

rental mobil di surabaya said...

This is the most delicious looking meal I have seen in a LONG time.

Extreme Power said...

Nice one....

Mike said...

Singlish in Korea = Konglish

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