Monday, April 12, 2010

Sin Kee Famous Chicken Rice @ Commonwealth Ave

The Sin Kee Famous Chicken Rice has moved away from the "Margaret Drive Food Centre". It has now moved a few steps away from the 'furniture shop' at 38 Commonwealth Avenue. 

Colleague and I came here because we heard it has moved. We were looking forward to some nice chicken rice.

Sin Kee Famous Chicken Rice

It has moved to a bigger place, a fully air-conditioned place. They have even ventured into selling many other things too. Curry Fish Head, Braised stuff, etc... It is like a mini food court now.

We were not very pleased with it though.  We have never felt so 'pushed' before! They were trying to push us to order things we don't want to eat. (We just want chicken. We went there just to eat chicken rice. LOL...)  We were thinking it's probably the higher rent they have to pay now? They are no longer at the food centre, paying low rent.

This was the half a 'white chicken' we had. $12.
It's ok lah. But if you compare to what they had in my 2008 post, you can definitely see the difference.

White Chicken

The half a roast chicken. $12
We always order 'half black half white' because between the 5 of us, we like different kinds of chicken.

Roast Chicken

The bean sprouts.
Don't laugh! We all think the bean sprouts is the best of the things on the table. Oh, not forgetting the their chilli sauce and mince ginger. LOL...

Bean Sprouts

And the chicken rice.

Chicken Rice

Somehow it was not as satisfying as before. We hope it's only last Friday that it was like this. My colleague who stays nearby said that it is very packed at night though. Maybe the chicken taste better at night?

It has also gone up in price. 2 half chicken (ie 1 chicken), 1 plate of bean sprouts and  5 plates of rice. It's was $6 per person with prices rounded down.

Sin Kee Famous Chicken Rice
38 Commonwealth Avenue
Singapore 149738.

Tel: 9682 0381 / 9656 4557

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noobcook said...

I ate this b4 at Margaret Drive... didn't know it has shifted to this air con place with non-chix menu as well. Sounds & looks a bit more commercialized hehe :P

Unknown said...

I think they have more rent to pay. But consumers might abandon them if it gets too expensive.

Look at the food basement at ION now, so many has closed down.

Crosby said...

Keropok Man, I believe that is may not be the original Sin Kee who was previously at Level 2 of Margaret Drive Food Centre. The original folks move to Blk 159 Mei Chin Food Market & Food Centre.

Unknown said...

I tried tis on recent Sunday and in my opinion I also doubt tis is the original sin kee. Well. I disappointed. Sorry.

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