Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cedele @ Wheelock Place

This was last weekend's brunch at Cedele at Wheelock Place.

I had to get some errands done at Shaw Centre. After settling what I had to do, Momo and I were wondering where to have our brunch. We walked around Shaw Centre and nothing fancied us.

We decided to walk across the street to Wheelock Place. Again, we walked around Wheelock Place, and nothing caught our eye nor attracted our nose. But when we saw Cedele, we knew that was it. It will be a good choice.

I was having a headache that day, so I wanted some hearty soup stuff. I ordered the "Home Style Chunky Beef" $10. It was a good choice. Lots of vegetables inside with the cubes of beef below. It was a wholesome tasting stew.

Home Style Chunky Beef

The stew was a tiny bit salty if you have it by itself. But if you have it with the self service organic bread (complimentary), it was just perfect. The bread was nice, it was rustic and fragrant. It goes very well with my beef stew. The bread sponges up the soup and when you put it in your mouth, it was delightful.

(There were two ladies, I believe expatriate wives who loved the bread and asked the waiter if they were also for sale. Not that morning though. The waiter gave them a bread schedule. I searched their website and realize it is indeed a bread schedule. You can see it here. )

Self service Bread

Momo had the Black Pepper Crab Pasta $16.90.
She liked her penne. The deep fried soft shell crabs she said was good. The cut chilli that was in the pasta gave it a hint of spiciness.

Black Pepper Crab Pasta

While flipping through the menu, I could not help noticing the word "Cedele Fiery Wings" $8.80 in it. So we ordered it. When it came out, we were a bit shocked. It was a little dark / over-fried. If you don't mind the oil on it, it's actually quite nice. You can taste the black pepper plus some other stuff and it goes well with the sweet Thai sauce.

Cedele Fiery Wings

Cedele by Bakery Depot @ Wheelock Place
501 Orchard Road
#03-14 Wheelock Place
Singapore 238880

Tel: 67238520

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Rebecca Saw said...

Err.. no cakes for u tis time??
I ws in Sg.. and each time i go i will eat one or two cakes! ;p

Unknown said...

hehe.. instead of cakes, i had the fried chicken this time! LOL...

Kenny Mah said...

Hehe, you're gonna kill me for this (assuming your sis hasn't spotted it already) but in the second instance of your mentioning "bread schedule", you actually typed "bed schedule".

And I couldn't decide which concept amused me more. ;)

Unknown said...


Oops, that's so embarrassing!

Joey Anna said...

The seafood risotto is good! Their cakes are generally good. I don't like the Carrot Cake. But the cheesecake is wow wow wow.

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