Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Fish Mart Sakuraya @ West Coast Plaza

This was dinner about 2 weeks ago. We have not been to West Coast Plaza for the longest time so I told sis let's meet there for dinner. Walking round this 'kinda quiet' mall, I noticed Sakuraya is back!

Sakuraya used to be on the second floor near McDonalds at the old "Ginza Plaza". It is now located on the first floor of the new "West Coast Plaza" where OCBC bank used to be.

This will sound silly to you. After we placed our order, this little plate of appetizer came. We wondered if it's some complimentary stuff because we did not order it. Since it's in front of us, and we thought it was complimentary, we ate it. We ordered seaweed and was waiting for it to be served.

Suddenly we noticed the little chit on the side of the table. As our orders came, the items were ticked off. We were given the wrong order!

There was nothing we can do. We already finished it! LOL...

Appetizer Side Dish

We ordered green soba $8.50.

While eating this, guess what I was thinking about? I was thinking of the Cold Soba on Singapore Airlines! I always remember the SQ version served on the SIN-NRT leg. Am I the only person who thinks airline food is better?

Cold Green Tea Soba

We would have preferred a little bit more wasabi. We were too lazy to ask for more. There were a lot of people dining that night and the servers all looked busy, so we did not bother them.

Cold Green Tea Soba

We also had the Unagi and Avocado rolls. $12 It was OK lah.

But we realise something. Everything we order seems to be cold!
As we ate, we are feeling colder and colder! It was not a nice feeling. We should have ordered hot food!

Unagi and Avocado

We also had 3 kinds of sashimi. Salmon $10, Maguro $9 and Mekajiki $9.50.

The sashimi was picked from the refrigerated display at the 'fish market' side. The fish were all cut and packed in chunks, weighted and priced. You pick what you want to eat from the selection of seafood and pass it to the 'fish guy'. He will then slice it for you and someone will serve it to your table.


The food was OK, but we left feeling cold, even after having hot tea.You noticed everything we ordered were cold stuff? Total bill was around $56 for all of the above.

So if you come here, remember to order hot food!

Fish Mart Sakuraya @ West Coast Plaza
154 West Coast Road
#B1-50/51/52 West Coast Plaza
Singapore 127371

Tel: 6773 6973
Hours: 11 am - 9 pm

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