Monday, April 26, 2010

Nantsuttei @ Parco Marina Bay

It's time to celebrate another birthday again!

It was our colleague (HY) birthday last Wednesday. We asked her where she wanted to have her birthday lunch. So she came to work with the Parco Marina Bay pull-out from U-Weekly.

We took a cab to town for lunch! While in the cab she read out the chinese description of Nantsuttei in the pull-out. It sounded so delicious! Yes, it's another new place for Ramen in Singapore. Just like any new place in Singapore, there's a queue.

Nantsuttei @ Parco Marina Bay

We had 3 bowls of Chashu Ramen. $16. Compared to the basic version, this had more pork ;-)
You can see the signature 'black aromatic garlic oil' floating on the 24-hour pressure cooked pork bone soup.

It was fragrant. Very salty too. We think that they probably have not localized it yet. We saw that their Mr Furuyo Ichiro is still at the shop. So the taste be probably how it's suppose to be.

Another colleague ordered the Marutoku Negi Chashu Ramen. $17. Which is essentially 'the works' of all the ramen. It looked almost similar so I did not take the photo of it.

Chasu Ramen

The birthday girl had the Negi Ramen. $15.
It had loads of white shredded negi (green onions) and bannou negi (chopped thin green onions) on it. It looks good eh?

Negi Ramen

If you want to have the eggs, it's a side order.
Ajitsuketamago at $1 each.


The eggs are ok lah. Egg white is soft but the yolk might be a bit over done.


This was the Fuufuenman Gyoza. $6.
Colleague who ate it said so so lah. A health conscious colleague said "chao ta"! :-)

Fuufuenman Gyoza

Ramen was good. It meets the expectation of Japanese imported brands of ramen shops.
The broth was rich and salty. Half of us liked it because it was rich and salty. The other half said it's too overpowering for our local tongues.

Should you go and queue for it? If you are bored of eating the same thing all the time, why not try it? I am sure 80% of the people queuing to go in was out of curiosity. Almost everyone in Singapore enjoys doing the 'been there, tasted that'. ;-)

Mr Ichiro Furuya is still around in Singapore on the day we went. He was seen preparing the ramen. While he's still in Singapore, you can expect some 'standard'. ;-)


Parco Marina Bay
9 Raffles Boulevard
Singapore 031596

Tel: 65432123

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Camemberu said...

Wah this post looked nice on my iPhone, but even better on my iMac! Yummy photos! Momo, Julia and I are going to eat the other ramen today!

Kenny Mah said...

Wah, I love the Marutoku Negi Chashu Ramen - Boss, beri saya satu dengan SEMUA! :P

Unknown said...

Ya, I heard and saw the phone photos! hehe.... Looking forward to see your post!

You are getting greedy eh? Everything! haha...

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